July 22, 2014


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Rising senior Michael Henchy sat down with recently to discuss his Bucks Go Pro summer internship with the Athletics Department’s Human Resources office. Here is what he had to say…

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done working in your department so far?
“The best part of my internship with Human Resources has been conducting phone interviews last week. It was great to get to hear the applicants explain a little more about themselves and it allowed our finalists to really separate themselves from the pack. It was the first time that I have been a part of a phone interview, so it was a bit of a relief that I was not the one being evaluated!”

From last week’s resume and cover letter workshop, what is the most significant thing you learned?

“I really got a lot of value from the resume and cover letter workshop. While the drafts that I had were not too bad, there were a few things that I was able to alter to make my resume stand out and allow my cover letter to really sell me as a top candidate. The workshops were perfectly tailored to enhance and not criticize our existing documents.

As soon as I arrived in the office I was given a project to work on; I am currently in the finishing stages of that same assignment this week. During this process I have learned how to critically review resumes, communicate proficiently with coworkers and applicants via email, schedule and conduct phone interviews, how to arrange itineraries, design interview committees and assign travel arrangements. I also have learned how to conduct myself in a professional environment and represent myself in a mature manner.”

How will you use what you’ve learned in this internship so far in your future career?
“Before this internship I had not considered Human Resources as a potential career path. I’ve been working there for five weeks and I have really enjoyed myself. This past week I began to strongly consider applying to Human Resources positions in the future. My primary goal is still to play professional volleyball after college, but when I return to the United States I will definitely try my luck with Human Resources.”

How does this internship correlate with what you want as a future career?
“My group is in charge of designing and hosting the annual Buckeye Bash: the welcome event for more than 800 student-athletes during the first week of school. We have not submitted our project proposal quite yet, but we are almost ready to present it to Mr. Smith next week. We have arranged quotes for food, entertainment, games, and activities.”

Can you explain what your group project is and how it is progressing?
“We are almost ready to submit our design for the T-shirt and as soon as we do that we will get our final estimate for the total cost. We are planning to have the event on Aug. 26, the day before everyone starts the autumn semester. I am really looking forward to seeing how this event evolves and unfold in the next month or so.”

The Department of Athletics has developed the Bucks Go Pro program for Ohio State student-athletes. The goal of the program is to help OSU student-athletes find meaningful work experiences through jobs and internships, be better prepared for career opportunities and educate them about the process of building a career.