COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State synchronized swimming team scored 84 points to finish first in its season-opening meet vs. Lindenwood and Michigan in front of 300-plus at the Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion Saturday. Lindenwood earned 63 points to place second. The Wolverines came in third with 44 points.

Barbara Nesbitt and Raquel Aguado represented the Scarlet and Gray in the solo routine. Nesbitt opened her senior season with a first-place finish, earning a score of 90.75. Aguado, a freshman, scored an 87.00 to earn second place.

In the duet competition, the Buckeye duo of Katherine Green and Paige Ramsey earned a mark of 89.0 to finish first. In second place were teammates Caitlin Stewart and Meghan Kinney, tallying a score of 88.50.

Nesbitt, Deborah Shim and Michelle Theriault competed in the trio routine, recording a mark of 91.00 to earn the top spot. Stewart, Ramsey and Kinney placed second, with a score of 90.00.

Up next, Ohio State will host the fourth-annual Jessica Beck Memorial Meet at the Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion at 6 p.m. Feb. 6.

January 23, 2010
Ohio State hosts Lindenwood and Michigan
Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Columbus, Ohio

1. Barbara Nesbitt (Ohio State) – 90.75
2. Raquel Aguado (Ohio State) – 87.25
3. Devah Leenheer (Lindenwood) – 87.00
4. Bethany Burton (Lindenwood) – 85.75
5a. Colleen Courtmanche (Ohio State) – 83.25
5b. Clarissa Johnston (Lindenwood) – 80.50
5. Emily Terwelp (Michigan) – 80.50

1. Katherine Green, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State) – 89.0
2. Caitlin Stewart, Meghan Kinney (Ohio State) – 88.50
3. Mikayla Francese, Devah Leenheer (Lindenwood) – 85.75
4. Kari Madden, Shelby McDaniel (Lindenwood) – 82.50
5. Emily Terwelp, Alisa Glukhova (Michigan) – 74.00
6. Ayumi Ueda, Sarah Williams (Michigan) – 67.00
7a. Ashlyn Gurley, Sylvia Meyer (Michigan) – 63.75

1.Deborah Shim, Barbara Nesbitt, Michelle Theriault (Ohio State) – 91.00
2. Caitlin Stewart, Paige Ramsey, Meghan Kinney (Ohio State) – 90.00
3. Kari Madden, Stewart Shoemaker, Jessica Webb (Lindenwood) – 84.00
4. Abigail Anderson, Robin Pirik, Lindsey Ritebour (Lindenwood) – 83.25
5. Ayumi Ueda, Sarah Williams, Lindsey Bander (Michigan) – 64.75
6. Rebecca Gleit, Jessica Hartman, Hannah Heebner (Michigan) – 61.50