April 13, 2019

Buckeyes Win Seven Races Saturday on the Scioto



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COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State women’s rowing team won seven races on Saturday in its first home regatta of the season. The Buckeyes raced Michigan in the morning session and Michigan State in the afternoon of the Big Ten Double Dual at Griggs Reservoir, finishing undefeated against the Spartans and 2-4 in races against the Wolverines.

Both the First Varsity Four and First Varsity Eight finished unbeaten on the day. The 1V4 of Kendell Massier, Maddie Frendberg, Ally Hatton, Lilli Flinders and Divya Batchu finished with a time of 7:09.47, two seconds ahead of Michigan, in the first session. In the second session, the boat raced 7:43.71 to finish 13 seconds ahead of Michigan State. The 1V8 of Anjali Fernandes, Lexie Nothdurft, Alessandra Montesano, Leonie Heuer, Ida Petersen, Jessy Vermeer, Sierra Cydrus, Sierra Tiede, and Grace Libben finished two seats ahead of the Michigan crew with a time of 6:21.10 to end the first session. The boat concluded the day’s races with a 6:43.34 finish over Michigan State, who finished with a time of 6:52.36.

The Buckeyes swept the Spartans in the afternoon session. Along with the wins from the 1V8 and 1V4, the First Novice Eight (Emma Beltz, Jenna Draycott, Joan Moore, Megan McNutt, Grace Pabst, Kaila Oberhaus, Adele Pohl, Kaitlyn Clouse, Claire Olechiw) raced a time of 7:00.75, 30 seconds ahead of Michigan State in Ohio State’s first race of the second session. The Second Varsity Four (Savannah Sellers, Lena Harper, Olivia Kwiecinski, Kailey Boomer, Samantha Morrison) and Third Varsity Four (Willow Wahlers, Kayla Kuntzman, Mo Robinson, Simone Fishel, Kelly Stainbrook) were neck-and-neck with each other throughout the race, finishing with times of 7:37.16 and 7:40.47, respectively, to beat Michigan State. The Second Varsity Eight of Sophie Blair, Mane Bravo Alvez, Rose Carr, Meg Cymanski, Maddie Perrett, Michayla Binkley, Rachel DeWitte, Michaela Nordhaus, and Claire Cannon raced a time of 6:47.50, beating the Spartans by 12 seconds.



The Buckeyes travel to Las Vegas to race Michigan and Washington on Saturday, April 20



1V8      4-1 in races, 5-2 overall

2V8      2-3 in races, 4-3 overall

1V4      2-3 in races, 2-4 overall

2V4      1-4 in races, 4-4 overall

3V4      0-2 in races, 2-2 overall

1N8+    3-2 in races, 6-3 overall



Morning Session


  1. Michigan 6:52.64 2. Ohio State 6:58.99

Lineup: Beltz (C), Draycott, Moore, McNutt, Pabst, Oberhaus, Pohl, Clouse, Olechiw


  1. Michigan 7:30.72 2. Ohio State 7:39.51 3. Michigan (4V4) 7:47.84

Lineup: Wahlers, Kuntzman, Robinson, Fishel, Stainbrook (C)


  1. Michigan 7:19.10 2. Ohio State 7:27.35

Lineup: Sellers, Harper, Kwiecinski, Boomer, Morrison (C)


  1. Ohio State 7:09.47 2. Michigan 7:11.68

Lineup: Massier, Frendberg, Hatton, Flinders, Batchu (C)


  1. Michigan 6:26.47 2. Ohio State 6:28.07

Lineup: Blair (C), Bravo, Carr, Cymanski, Perrett, Binkley, DeWitte, Nordhaus, Cannon


  1. Ohio State 6:21.10 2. Michigan 6:22.04

Lineup: Fernandes (C), Nothdurft, Montesano, Heuer, Petersen, Vermeer, Cydrus, Tiede, Libben

Afternoon Session


  1. Ohio State 7:00.752. Michigan State 7:31.31


  1. Ohio State 7:37.162. Ohio State 3V4 7:40.47 3. Michigan State 7:58.97 


  1. Ohio State 7:43.712. Michigan State 7:56.82


  1. Ohio State 6:47.50 2. Michigan State 6:59.53


  1. Ohio State 6:43.342. Michigan State 6:52.36