COLUMBUS, Ohio – Once again the Ohio State synchronized swimming team made sure they would be a part of history. For the first time in U.S. Synchronized Swimming National Championship history, the combo event was contested and the Buckeyes captured the gold medal with an 89.833 Saturday at Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics in Huntersville, N.C.

The two-time defending and 26-time U.S. Collegiate champions, Ohio State finished fourth overall with 19 points. Walnut Creek won the High Point title with 35 points, followed by Stanford (27) and Incarnate Word (21).

Senior Barbara Nesbitt, who also swam with that gold-medal winning combo team, collected her second medal of the championships, winning the silver in the solo competition on a combined score of 179.958.

In the combo final, Raquel Aguado, Colleen Courtmanche, Rita Gillan, Jackie Mundy, Nesbitt, Samantha Schmidt, Deborah Shim and Hannah Shively was so impressive and dominating, the group outdistanced second-place finisher Incarnate Word (88.000) by almost two points.

Kayley Colville, Courtmanche, Liz Derr, Gillan, Liana Litsky, Asia Luke and Schmidt finished tied for fourth in the team routine. Backed by a total mark of 170.167, Ohio State improved one spot in the final standings after entering the day in fifth place. It should be noted, it was the final outing in a Buckeye swimsuit for Derr, Gillan, Litsky, Luke, Mundy and Shively.

The pair of Shim and senior Caitlin Stewart concluded the 2010 campaign in fifth place in the duet event, compiling a total score of 165.083.

2010 U.S. Synchronized Swimming National Championships
April 15-17
Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics 
Huntersville, N.C.

High Point Team Title
1. Walnut Creek 35
2. Stanford 27
3. Incarnate Word 21
4. Ohio State 19
5. Santa Clara Aquamaids 9

Solo Finals (Top 5)
1. Santa Clara Aquamaids – Mary Killman, 181.792
2. Ohio State University – Barbara Nesbitt, 179.958
3. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Jillian Penner, 178.292
4. Synchro San Antonio – Lyssa Wallace, 173.625
5. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Alexa Tchekmarev,173.125

Duet Finals (Top 5)
1. Stanford University – Debbie Chen, Taylor Durand, 174.292
2. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Emily Burkhart, Jillian Penner, 169.625
3. Univ. of Incarnate Word – Saki Fujise, Seyeon Min, 167.417
4. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – Alyson Haylor, Alexa Tchekmarev, 165.708
5. Ohio State University – Deborah Shim, Caitlin Stewart, 165.083

Team Finals (Top 5)
1. Stanford University – 178.500
2. Univ. of Incarnate Word – 176.500
3. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – 173.333
4. Ohio State University – 170.167T
4. Santa Clara Aquamaids – 170.167T

Combo Finals
1. Ohio State University – 89.833
2. Univ. of Incarnate Word – 88.000
3. Arizona Aqua Stars -85.167
4. Walnut Creek Aquanuts – 85.000