March 8, 2021

Buckeyes Undefeated in the Regular Season


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State pistol team capped off a perfect regular season with a 6.741-6,485 Open score win over the United States Coast Guard Academy.


Ohio State 6,741 (2,257 air; 2,281 sport; 2,203 standard)

Coast Guard 6,485 (2,180 air; 2,175 sport; 2,130 standard)


Ohio State 3,298 (1,635 air; 1,663 sport)

Coast Guard 3,226 (1,609 air; 1,617 sport)


Katelyn Abeln | 576 (Sport)

Jackson Leverett | 572 (Air) | 572 (Sport)

For a second time this season, the Buckeyes broke their overall Open total record, this time by scoring 6,741 points. The feat was accomplished by the combined efforts of Katelyn Abeln, Sam Gens, Cade Haiby, Henry Leverett, Jackson Leverett and Bernard Melus. Individually, Abeln set the Open sport and women’s sport pistol record with a score of 576.


  • Jackson Leverett took first place in air and standard while placing second in sport to finish first overall.
  • Katelyn Abeln won both the Open and women’s sport pistol titles with her record-setting mark and tied for first in women’s air. She also came in third in Open air pistol. Her scores secured her first place in the women’s category and second overall.
  • Bernard Melus finished third in sport pistol.
  • Maria Tsarik earned third place in the women’s category.


Ohio State will prepare for the Intercollegiate Pistol Championships March 24-27 in Fort Benning, Ga.