January 22, 2018

Buckeyes Top The Citadel


Jan. 22, 2018


CHARLESTON, S.C. – The Ohio State University pistol team ventured south over the weekend to compete against The Citadel. Ohio State came out on top in both the Open (6,431-6,238) and Women’s (2,703-2,413) competitions to remain unbeaten on the season.

Irina Andrianova led all competitors with a 556 in Standard Pistol and paced the Buckeye women in all four disciplines. Samuel Gens was the top male shooter with a three-gun aggregate tally of 1,611 after leading the way in both Free (530) and Air (569).

Team Scores (Ohio State/The Citadel)
TOTAL | 6,431/6,238
Free | 2.024/1,976
Air | 2,230/2,173
Standard | 2,177/2,089

Individual Women’s Scores (Women’s Air/Women’s Sport/Open Standard/Open Air)
Irina Andrianova 374/551/556/555 (women’s two-gun aggregate – 925)
Emily Rust 357/549/524/540 (women’s two-gun aggregate – 906)
Kara Moody 352/520/–/528 (women’s two-gun aggregate – 872)
Emily Nothnagle 344/520/504/524 (women’s two-run aggregate – 864)

Individual Men’s Scores (Free/Air/Standard)
Samuel Gens 530/569/512=1,611
Anthony McCollum 507/547/546=1,600
Mike Soklaski 504/559/519=1,582
Zachary Damen 483/547/551=1,581

Ohio State hosts Purdue next weekend (Jan. 27-28).