April 25, 2019

Buckeyes to Host Jesse Owens Classic


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Buckeyes are set to battle on their home track this Friday and Saturday with over 800 athletes competing. The two-day meet will get started on April, 26th at 2 p.m. ET with the men’s and women’s hammer throw. Running events will start at 6:30 p.m. ET with the women’s 5,000m run.

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Teams in Attendance

EMU, CMU, WMU, MSU, Kent State, Akron, Miami (OH), Oakland University, Notre Dame.


Mike Hartfield (2016 Olympian, OSU Great)

Joe Kovacs (2016 Olympian and Silver Medalist)

Chantel Ray (2018 B1G indoor champ 100m)

Champ Page (2017 B1G outdoor champ 400m)



Nick Gray – Sprints – Personal Bests  – 6.61s in 60m Dash (School Record), 10.17s in 100m Dash (School Record), 20.20s in 200m dash (School Record), 46.16s in 400m dash.


Jerry Jackson – Sprints – Personal Bests – 7.13s in 60m dash, 11.14s in 100m dash, 21.61 in 200m dash, 48.15s in 400m dash.


Luke Landis  – Distance – Personal Bests – 1:55.12s in 800m run, 3:47.76 in 1,500 run, 4:02.69s in mile run, 8:11.15s in 3,000m run, 14:04.29s in 5,000m run.


Kyle McKinney – Jumps. – Personal Bests 22.58s in 200m dash, 49.04s in 400m run, 1:20.17s in 600m run, 52.58s in 400m hurdles, 6.54m (21’5.5”) in Long Jump, 14.31m (46’11.5”).


DaJuan Seward – Jumps. – Personal Bests – 7.06s in 60m dash, 21.93s in 200m dash, 7.86s in 60m hurdles, 13.64s in 110 hurdles, 7.39m (24’3”), 16.12m (52’10.75”).


Evan Stifel – Distance – Personal Bests – 8:49.15s in the 3,000m run, 29:44.85 in the 10,000m run, 14:19.75s in the 5,000m run.


Brittany Atkinson – Distance – Personal Bests – 4:59.41s in the mile run, 9:51.37s in the 3,000m run, 16:55.92s in the 5,000m run, 34:59.96s in the 10,000m run, 11:09.83 in the 3,000S run.


Courtney Clody – Distance  – Personal Bests – 1:31.87s in the 600m run, 2:05.95 in the 800m run, 4:29.14s in the 1,500m run, 5:07.10 in the mile run.


Kate Deaton – Throws – Personal Bests – 49.08m ( 161’0”) in Discus, 20.10m ( 65’7.75”) in Weight Throw, 58.85m (193’1”) in Hammer Throw.


Sarah Kanney – Distance – Personal Bests – 2:14.86s in 800m run, 4:30.31s in 1,500m run, 4:46.00s in mile run, 9:50.46s in 3,000m run. 10:22.74s in 3,000S.


Sara McKeeman – Pole Vault – Personal Best – 4.02m (13’1.5”) in Pole Vault.


Sade Olatoye – Throws – Personal Bests – 17.88m (58’8”) in Shot Put (School Record), 64.69m (212’3”) in Hammer Throw, 50.38m (165’3”) in outdoor shot put (School Record), 24.46m (80’3”) in Weight Throw (School Record).


Julia Rizk – Distance – Personal Bests – 2:05.15s in 800m run, 4:15.88s in the 1,500m run (School Record), 4:32.79 in mile run (School Record), 9:29.70s in the 3,000m run.


Lilly Saniel-Banrey – Distance – Personal Best – 2:15.42s in 800m run, 4:31.29s in the 1,500m run, 4:56.14s in the mile run, 10:25.04s in the 3,000m run.


Mikaela Seibert – Jumps – Personal Bests – 7.89s in 60m dash, 25.24s in 200m dash, 5.65m (18’6.5”) in long jump, 12.92m ( 42’4.75”) in triple jump.


Karimah Senior – Sprints – Personal Best – 7.62s in 60m dash, 12.22s in 100m dash, 24.21s in 200m dash, 56.21 in 400m dash, 4.98m (16’.4.25”) in long jump, 11.31m (37’1.25”) in triple jump.


Bliss Soleyn – Sprints – Personal Best – 7.43s in 60m dash, 11.75s in 100m dash, 24.36s in 200m dash.


Emily Stoodley  – Distance – Personal Bests – 4:59.00s in the mile run, 9:39.50s in the 3,000 run, 16:53.21s in the 5,000m run, 34:53.30s in the 10,000m run.


Claire Wiles – Distance – Personal Bests – 4:37.88s in the 1,500m run, 9:51.59s in the 3,000m run, 16:35.94s in the 5,000m run, 35:09.76s in the 10,000m run.


Karrington Winters – Sprints – Personal Bests – 23.75s in the 200m dash, 1:27.60s in the 600m run (School Record), 52.49s in the 400m dash, 2:11.71s in the 800m run.