COLUMBUS, Ohio – This is the week every year to take a moment and think about what makes life great. After all, the meaning behind Thanksgiving is to stop and be thankful.

In a team poll earlier this week, hands down the thing members of the Ohio State women’s hockey team were most grateful for were family and friends, so thank you for all of your support! Other things on the thankful list included being able to attend and play for Ohio State and good health.

On to the dinner. It was a close one, as it should be with so many Thanksgiving goodies to pick from, but the deserts won it with pumpkin and apple pie receiving the most votes. Also piled on the plate were stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey. Chelsea Knapp chose her mom’s broccoli casserole, Amanda Boskovich looks forward to grandma’s artichoke dip and Tina Hollowell likes her yams with melted marshmallows.

Many of the favorite Thanksgiving memories included spending time with family, but Shannon Reilly had one specific year that came to mind: “When I was 8 years old our family was in the process of moving from Chicago to Minnesota. We had to eat the Thanksgiving meal out of pots and pans because all the dishes were packed and my brothers made Thanksgiving hats for all of us to wear.”

Other favorite Thanksgiving memories:

“Playing snow football with my family in Minnesota on Thanksgiving. There is usually snow and all my cousins are boys so we would play for hours. We still do it every year!” – Lindsey Brown

“Being home with my parents preparing food together, the smell of the food and my mom’s favorite holiday candles filling our house and being able to spend Thanksgiving as a family.” – Brittany Carlson

“This will be my first thanksgiving celebration and I’m sure I will like it!” – Annie Svedin

“The roller hockey tournament between my brothers, cousins and me. The tournament was called the Turkey Cup. It was very competitive.” – Jenna Kilpatrick

“When I was at Shattuck, we played in Banff, Alberta, over Thanksgiving and had Thanksgiving dinner in the famous Banff Springs Hotel. It looked like a castle with hot springs outside as it was snowing with mountains surrounding us.” – Barbara Bilko

Thank you for …

“What I’m most thankful for is my family. My parents have always put me before their own needs and I truly appreciate that a lot, if it wasn’t for all they’ve done for me I wouldn’t be where I am today. My brother has also been there for me through the good and bad times, I couldn’t imagine life without him.” – Lisa Steffes

“I’m most thankful for the support and love from my family and friends. Words couldn’t describe how thankful I am towards my mom and dad for the amazing opportunities they have given me throughout the years and being at THE Ohio State. I appreciate everything (even when I complain!)” – Paige Semenza

“I’m most thankful for my family and friends and to have the amazing opportunity to be playing hockey at the best university in the world!” – Christina Mancuso