September 27, 2022

🏀 Buckeyes Talk to the Media to Preview 2022-23 Season


Head Coach Chris Holtmann and the team met with the media on Monday to discuss the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Chris Holtmann, HC

“It’s clear that this class on campus and the one we hope to sign here in a few weeks is the best it’s been – it’s exciting.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Zed Key, Forward

“This team is great, a lot of laughs. The chemistry is great, especially on the floor it feels like we’ve been playing for a long time together, even though there is a lot of new faces.”

Ohio State Buckeyes

Sean McNeil, Guard

“With this being my last year, last go around, we we’re both very cut and dry with our communication. I think that was the most important for me, the open and honesty from coaches and that my family and I felt comfortable here.”

Colby Baumann, Guard

“The vets are doing a really good job of helping us adjust and helping us with this whole process of college because it’s all new to us. I think it’s going to be a great season.”

"My biggest inspiration is my family back home. I do this for them but I feel like the team has become a second family for me, the guys look out for me and help me with anything I need..." - Felix Okpara, C
Ohio State Buckeyes

Owen Spencer, Forward

“It’s helpful having guys like Zed and older returning guys that can help all of the new guy’s gel together. We have about 10 new guys on the team, a lot of new faces, but having the older guys really helps.”

"It was amazing to get out there with a new group of guys, we’re all coming together from new places...I feel like I’ve bonded with the freshmen well too, we’re all very close now and practically brothers." - Roddy Gayle Jr, G
Ohio State Buckeyes

Justice Sueing, Forward

“The young guys are really talented, they’re more talented than I think they realize at times. It’s really exciting to see that potential that they have and we’re definitely going to bring it out of them this year.”

"I see myself in more of a grind role this year, taking open shots and I’m not going to try to do anything extra or out of the ordinary. Just try to do whatever I can at the end of the day to make us win, whatever that is and whatever coach needs me to do." - Kalen Etzler, F