October 14, 2018

Buckeyes take the Win over TAMU


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College Station, Texas- The Ohio State Pistol team traveled south this past weekend to compete against Texas A&M University. The Buckeyes took their first win this season in Open (6,443-6,040), while Women’s Team Aggregate was not contested.

Emily Rust had another record-breaking score this past weekend in Women’s 2-Gun Aggregate (1089), while the team of Samuel Gens, Shrenik Jain, Anthony McCollum, and Bernard Melus set a new record-breaking score in Standard Pistol (2194).

Several Buckeyes also set new personal bests this past weekend, including Robbie Delagrange (Standard Pistol; 527), Samuel Gens (Air Pistol; 573), (Standard Pistol; 551), (3-Gun Aggregate; 1645), Anthony McCollum (Standard Pistol; 564), Bernard Melus (Standard Pistol; 532), and Emily Rust (2-Gun Aggregate; 1089).

Highlights from this past weekend include:

  • Shrenik Jain shot his first match of his collegiate career
  • Samuel Gens tied the school record in air pistol with a score of 573
  • Standard Pistol Team broke the school record (2194 to a previous 2190)
  • Buckeyes took 1-3rd in all Open Team Events (1-5 in Standard, 1-4 in Free)
  • Samuel Gens took 1st place in Free Pistol, Air Pistol, and 3-Gun Aggregate
  • Anthony McCollum took 1st in Standard Pistol
  • Emily Rust and Emily Nothnagle went 1-2 in Women’s Events


The Ohio State Pistol team competes at home this weekend, October 20th, against Akron and Purdue.