November 14, 2021

Buckeyes Take Home Several Titles at OIO



COLUMBUS, Ohio – Several Buckeyes earned titles Sunday at the Ohio Intercollegiate Open held at the Heminger Center on the campus of Tiffin University.

Ohio State earned titles in the Open Division at 125 (Malik Heinselman), at 141 (Dylan D’Emilio), at 149 (Sammy Sasso), at 157 (Bryce Hepner), at 165 (Carson Kharchla), at 174 (Ethan Smith), at 197 (Gavin Hoffman) and at 285 (Tate Orndorff).

Brady Koontz took second at 125 as did Isaac Wilcox at 157.

In the Freshman/Sophomore Division, Paddy Gallagher earned the title at 157 in his first action as a Buckeye.

Gallagher made his debut wrestling unattached. He pinned his first collegiate opponent, Jake Justice of Heidelberg University, in just 13 seconds. He then won by technical fall (25-10) over Max Stedeford of Mercyhurst and by major decision (12-4) against Garrett Thompson of Ohio University. In the title bout, he held on to down Peyten Kellar of Ohio University by decision, 7-5.

Andre Gonzales, who won the Michigan State Open earlier this year, claimed an OIO second-place finish Sunday at 133. Chase Liardi earned a third by defeating teammate Alex Flerlage (4th).

In the heavyweight bracket, Mike Misita won by decision (1-0) over teammate Hogan Swenski to claim the OIO title.

Ohio State is back in action in a dual vs. Virginia Tech Friday (7 p.m.) in Blacksburg, Va.

Ohio Intercollegiate Open Results

Gold Division (Open)

125 (Heinselman-1st; Brady Koontz-2nd)
Malik Heinselman (OSU) def. Oscar Sanchez (Ohio U.) | D, 5-3
Malik Heinselman (OSU) def. Cole Laya (West Liberty) | D, 5-4
Malik Heinselman (OSU) def. Branden Mendoza (Tiffin) | MD, 11-3
Malik Heinselman (OSU) def. Brady Koontz (OSU) | D, 3-2 (1st)

Brady Koontz (OSU) def. Harrison Hadley (Heidelberg) | TF, 19-3
Brady Koontz (OSU) def. Christopher Merto (Edinboro Unat.) | D, 13-6
Brady Koontz (OSU) def. Tommy Hoskins (Ohio U. Unat.) | D, 3-1
Malik Heinselman (OSU) def. Brady Koontz (OSU) | D, 3-2 (2nd)


133 (Dylan Koontz-2nd, Will Bentancourt-3rd)
Dylan Koontz (OSU) def. Will Bentancourt (OSU, Unat.) | 2-OT, 3-3
Gio Disabato (Ohio U.) def. Dylan Koontz (OSU) | D, 3-1 (2nd)

Will Bentancourt (OSU Unat.) def. Cameron Dickman (Tiffin) | MD, 15-5
Dylan Koontz (OSU) def. Will Bentancourt (OSU Unat.) | 2-OT 3-3
Will Bentancourt (OSU Unat.) def. Devin Easton (Glenville St. Col.) | TF, 17-2
Will Bentancourt (OSU Unat.) def. Cameron Dickman (Tiffin) | MD, 10-1 (3rd)

Gio Disabato (Ohio U.) def. Phillip Kue (OSU) | MD, 11-0
Devin Easton (Glenville St. Col.) def. Phillip Kue (OSU) | MFF

141 (Dylan D’Emilio-1st)
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Marcus Jean Baptiste (West Liberty) | TF, 19-2
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Caiden Mooney (Mercyhurst) | Fall, 0:48
Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) def. Kyran Hagan (Ohio U.) | D, 5-2 (1st)

149 (Sammy Sasso-1st)
Alec Hagan (Ohio U.) def. Klay Reeves (OSU) | SV-1, 6-4
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Vinny Catanzaro (Mercyhurst) | D, 7-3
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Ethan Hardy (Glenville St. Col.) | D, 5-4
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Dwight Parker (Heidelberg) | D, 6-4
Klay Reeves (OSU) def. Alex Sampson (Mercyhurst) | D, 3-2 (5th)

Sammy Sasso (OSU) def. Matt Farrero (Mercyhurst) | TF, 20-5
Sammy Sasso (OSU) def. Ethan Hardy (Glenville St. Col.) | Fall, 2:00
Sammy Sasso (OSU) def. Walker Heard (West Virginia) | TF, 22-7
Sammy Sasso (OSU) def. Alec Hagan (Ohio U.) | MD, 12-3 (1st)

157 (Bryce Hepner-1st, Isaac Wilcox-2nd, Kevon Freeman-4th)
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Carson Pottenger (Heidelberg) | Fall, 1:48
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Kaidon Winters (RIT) | D, 5-1
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Kevon Freeman (OSU) | D, 7-2
Bryce Hepner (OSU Unat.) def. Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) | D, 4-2 (2nd)

Kevon Freeman (OSU) def. Coltin Jezioro (Ohio U.) | TF, 18-0
Kevon Freeman (OSU) def. Christian Rivera (West Liberty) | Fall, 2:22
Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) def. Kevon Freeman (OSU) | D, 7-2
Jordan Slivka (Ohio U.) def. Kevon Freeman (OSU) | D, 9-2 (4th)

Bryce Hepner (OSU Unat.) def. Nick Carbone (Ashland) | Fall, 2:21
Bryce Hepner (OSU Unat.) def. Jordan Slivka (Ohio U.) | D, 9-4
Bryce Hepner (OSU Unat.) def. Isaac Wilcox (OSU Unat.) | D, 4-2 (1st)

165 (Carson Kharchla-1st)
Carson Kharchla (OSU) def. Kamal Adewumi (Ohio U.) | TF, 18-3
Carson Kharchla (OSU) def. Bryan LaVearn (Tiffin) | D, 9-8
Carson Kharchla (OSU) def. Jack Blumer (West Virginia) | MD, 12-3
Carson Kharchla (OSU) def. Colt Yinger (Ohio U.) | D, 3-1 (1st)

Cade Hepner (OSU) def. Sean Billups (Kent State) | D, 8-2
Robert Major (Unat.) def. Cade Hepner (OSU) | MD, 14-5
Cade Hepner (OSU) def. Blake Miller (West Liberty) | D, 8-2
Cade Hepner (OSU) def. Hunter Jones (Glenville St. Col.) | D, 9-6
Robert Major (Unat.) def. Cade Hepner (OSU) | Fall, 0:37

174 (Ethan Smith-1st, Fritz Schierl-6th)
Fritz Schierl (OSU) def. Hunter Delong (Glenville St. Col.) | MD, 12-1
James Limongi (Kent St.) def. Fritz Schierl (OSU) | D, 6-5
Fritz Schierl (OSU) def. Logan Stanley (Ohio U.) | D, 6-3
Scott Joll (West Virginia) def. Fritz Schierl (OSU) | D, 13-8 (6th)

Ethan Smith (OSU) def. Logan Stanley (Ohio U.) | MD, 19-7
Ethan Smith (OSU) def. Devin Miller (Heidelberg) | TF, 17-2
Ethan Smith (OSU) def. Sal Perrine (Ohio U. Unat.) | D, 13-6
Ethan Smith (OSU) def. James Limongi (Kent State) | MFF (1st)

Luke McGonigal (Mercyhurst) def. Rocky Jordan (OSU) | Fall, 2:25
Rocky Jordan (OSU) def. Adam Medieros (Heidelberg) | Fall, 2:44
Kian Thompson (Tiffin) def. Rocky Jordan (OSU) | MFF
Luke McGonigal (Mercyhurst) def. Rocky Jordan (OSU) | MFF

197 (Gavin Hoffman-1st, Tyler Stein-4th)
Gavin Hoffman (OSU) def. Jordan Greer (Ohio. U.) | TF, 16-1
Gavin Hoffman (OSU) def. Nicholas Mason (Tiffin) | D, 9-2
Gavin Hoffman (OSU) def. Jordan Williams (Glenville St. Col.) | MD, 19-8

Logan Kemp (West Liberty) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | D, 4-2
Tyler Stein (OSU) vs. Nick Boykin (OSU) | FF
Tyler Stein (OSU) vs. Nicholas Mason (Tiffin) | MFF
Jordan Greer (Ohio U.) def. Tyler Stein (OSU) | MD, 8-0 (4th)

Jordan Williams (Glenville St. Col.) def. Nick Boykin (OSU) | Inj: 3:35

HWT (Tate Orndorff-1st)
Tate Orndorff (OSU) def. Andrew Irick (Indiana) | Fall, 5:51
Tate Orndorff (OSU) def. Luke Martin (Glenville St. Col.) | Fall, 1:59
Tate Orndorff (OSU) def. Jordan Earnest (Ohio U.) | D, 8-1
Tate Orndorff (OSU) def. Jacob Robb (Mercyhurst) | D, 10-3 (1st)

White Division (Fr./Soph.)
Ajabu Crews (OSU) def. Jake Arnold (ND, Ohio) | D, 3-2
Ajabu Crews (OSU) vs. Brady Layman (Glenville St. Col.) D, 8-7
Lee Rubin (RIT) def. Ajabu Crews (OSU) | MFF
Jace Schafer (Unat.) def. Ajabu Crews (OSU) | MFF

133 (Andre Gonzales-2nd, Chase Liardi-3rd, Alex Ferlage-4th)
Chase Liardi (OSU Unat.) def Christopher Dean (RIT) | Fall, 1:14
Chase Liardi (OSU Unat.) def. Gavin Weaver (Ashland) | D, 3-1
Jordan Titus (Unat.) def. Chase Liardi (OSU Unat.) | D, 5-4
Chase Liardi (OSU Unat.) def. Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) | SV-1 5-3 (3rd)

Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Jeff Robinson (RIT) | TF, 16-1
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Michael Dolan (West Virginia) | D, 8-5
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) | Fall, 1:48
Jordan Titus (Unat.) def. Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) | D, 6-5 (2nd)

Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) def. Joshua Lyons (Tiffin Unat.) | Fall, 4:21
Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) def. Josh Gibson (Heidelberg) | Fall, 1:00
Andre Gonzales (OSU Unat.) def. Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) | Fall, 1:48
Chase Liardi (OSU Unat.) def. Alex Flerlage (OSU Unat.) | SV-1 5-3 (4th)

157 (Paddy Gallagher-1st)
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Jake Justice (Heidelberg) | Fall, 0:13
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Max Stedeford (Mercyhurst) | TF, 25-10
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Garrett Thompson (Ohio U. Unat.) MD, 12-4
Paddy Gallagher (OSU Unat.) def. Peyten Kellar (Ohio U. Unat.) | D, 7-5 (1st)

174 (Bryer Hall-5th)
Zachary Stedeford (RIT) def. Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) | D, 4-3
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. Parker Moore (ND, Ohio) | Fall, 4:03
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. Natan Parker (RIT) | TF, 19-2
Bryer Hall (OSU Unat.) def. Corbin May (Ashland) | Fall, 2:09 (5th)

HWT (Mike Misita-1st, Hogan Swenski-2nd)
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Devon Richard (Unat.) | D, 2-1
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) def. Tristan Kemp (West Virginia) | D, 1-0
Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) vs. Jamie Kilver (West Liberty) | D, 5-0
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) | D, 1-0 (2nd)

Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Mike DeLuca (Mercyhurst) | Fall, 1:42
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Wyatt Bailey (Ashland Unat.) | Fall, 2:46
Mike Misita (OSU Unat.) def. Hogan Swenski (OSU Unat.) | D, 1-0 (1st)