COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State synchronized swimming team completed the first day of the 2011 U.S. Senior National Championships Thursday in good position, finishing first in all three preliminary events in its home pool of McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.
The solo, duet and trio routines were contested on opening day.  
Freshman Yuliya Maryanko entered the pool prepared to win yet again. In the preliminary solo event, the Kharhov, Ukraine, native sits atop the leader board with a score of 89.450. Senior teammate and Maryanko’s duet partner Michelle Theriault currently is in second place in the solo competition with a mark of 89.3375. 
Maryanko and Theriault later placed first in the preliminary duet contest with a score of 89.1500. Also cracking the Top 5 in the duet were Paige Ramsey and Lauren Robinson, as well as Alex Beckett and Java Nikbakht. Ramsey and Robinson are in third place with a score of 85.3000, while Beckett and Nikbakht are in fifth place with a mark of 83.8125. Identical twin sisters Julia and Natalie Gaylard earned a 10th-place score of 82.2375.
In the preliminary team routine Beckett, Deborah Shim, Theriault, Lauren Nicholson, Robinson, Nikbakht, Colleen Courtmanche and Ramsey teamed up to place first with a score of 89.4375. Ohio State’s Gray Team consisted of Raquel Aguado, Katie LaBounty, Caitlin Hoffman, Kayley Colville, Monica Finnigan, Lara Tutton, Chelsea Aton and Liana Litsky. Together they earned a score of 85.8375 for third place. 
April 14-16, 2011 2011 U.S. Senior National Championships McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion Columbus, Ohio
Solo Preliminary (Top 5)  1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 89.450 2. Michelle Theriault (Ohio State) – 89.3375 3. Alexa Tchekmarev (WCA) – 86.6250 4. Alyson Haylor (WCA) – 85.6625 5H. Nadine Brandl (AUT) – 85.2750 5. Svetlana Ponkratova (CCN) – 85.0750 
Duet Preliminary (Top 5) 1. Yuliya Maryanko, Michelle Theriault (Ohio State) – 89.1500 2H. Nadine Brandl, Livia Lang (AUT) – 85.9625 2. Alyson Haylor, Marisa Tashima (WCA) – 85.9500 3. Paige Ramsey, Lauren Robinson (Ohio State) – 85.3000 4. Victoria Mintz, Svetlana Ponkratova (CCN) – 85.2625 5. Alex Beckett, Java Nikbakht (Ohio State) – 83.8125
Team Preliminary (Top 5) 1. Ohio State Scarlet (Beckett, Shim, Theriault, Nicholson, Robinson, Nikbakht, Courtmanche, Ramsey) – 89.4375 2. WCA (Boneburg, Carrion, Haylor, Morrice, Rothrock, Staines, Tashima, Tchekmarev) – 86.2500 3. Ohio State Gray (Aguado, LaBounty, Hoffman, Colville, Finnigan, Tutton, Aton, Litsky) – 85.8375 4. LWU (Abdalazem, Burdon, Burton, Eman, Francese, Johnston, Mendez, Webb) – 84.6000 5. LWU (Andressen, Bertolini, Birkelo, McWhorter, Placha, Salazar, Sebring, Shoemaker) – 81.6875