COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State pistol team defeated the Naval Academy in open competition, 6,320 to 6,171 to remain undefeated. The women’s squad fell to the Middies, 2,723 to 2,674. OSU won all three open events outscoring Navy, 1,995 to 1,903 in open free pistol, 2,130 to 2,090 in open standard pistol and 2,195 to 2,178 in air pistol. Individually the Buckeyes won two of three events with Blake Reburn scoring a 508 in free and Joe Totts a 551 in standard. Navy’s Emily Meyer took first in air pistol with a 564. OSU’s Bryan Basenback finished second at 555.

In the women’s events, Navy won sport pistol, 1,640 to 1,620 and won air pistol, 1,083 to 1,054. Kirsten Asdal took first in sport with a 557. OSU’s Amanda Watters took second with 548. Myer won air pistol with a 373 with OSU’s Christina Heaton finishing third at 358.

In the three-gun aggregate competition, Reburn won with a 1,588. Basenback finished second with 1,587 and Totts was third at 1,566. Navy swept the two-gun aggregate with Asdal scoring a 917 for first, Meyer taking second at 914 and Catherine Drake third at 902.

Ohio State will travel to face The Citadel next weekend.