January 31, 1999

The Ohio State men’s and women’s track teams traveled to the Air Force Classic in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Jan. 22-23 and came home with two meet records. Both the women (3:46.05) and the men (3:12.42) bettered previous meet standards in the 1-mile relay.%^$ For the women, Donica Merriman (So., Trotwood, Ohio) came out on top in the 60-meter dash and 60-meter hurdles and Desiree Jones (So., Akron, Ohio) won the triple jump. Meanwhile, Andrew Pierce (So., Yellow Springs, Ohio) and Ryan Grear (So, Barnesville, Ohio) paced the men with a victory in the 400-meter dash and 60-meter high hurdles, respectively.%^$ Ohio State will next compete at the Butler Canon Invitational Feb. 5-6.%^$

%^$Women’s Team Dual Meet Scores%^$Arizona 113, Air Force 45 %^$Air Force 80, Colorado 64 %^$Colorado State 102, Air Force 55%^$Air Force 77, Ohio State 67 %^$Air Force 82, Wyoming 58 %^$Arizona 100, Colorado 45 %^$Arizona 85, Colorado State 73%^$Arizona 88, Ohio State 59 %^$Arizona 102, Wyoming 39 %^$Colorado State 93, Colorado 51%^$Ohio State 65, Colorado 63 %^$Colorado 64, Wyoming 56 %^$Colorado State 88, Ohio State 57%^$Colorado State 91, Wyoming 49 %^$Ohio State 71, Wyoming 53 %^$

Women’s 60-Meter Dash%^$Preliminaries%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 7.38%^$Finals%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 7.32%^$

Women’s 200-Meter Dash %^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 24.04%^$

Women’s 400-meter dash %^$1. Carolyn Jackson, Arizona 54.54%^$6. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 57.98%^$7. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 58.73%^$11. Monique Coleman, Ohio State 60.55%^$

Women’s 800-Meter Run%^$1. Cara Cline, Arizona 2:12.48%^$5. Ta-Meika Brown, Ohio State 2:20.03%^$- Carrie Hobley, Ohio State DQ%^$

Women’s 1 Mile Run%^$1. Kendra Woodruff, Colorado State 5:14.00%^$9. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 5:42.50%^$17. Elissa Ballas, Ohio State 6:12.72%^$

Women’s 3,000-Metre Run%^$1. Tara Chaplin, Arizona 10:09.35%^$14. Erica Kessler, Ohio State 12:58.15%^$

Women’s 60-Meter Hurdles%^$Preliminaries%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 8.23%^$2. Dominique Calloway, Ohio State 8.32%^$Finals%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 8.22%^$2. Dominique Calloway, Ohio State 8.23%^$

Womens 1 Mile Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:46.05%^$

Womens Distance Medley%^$1. Colorado 12:19.10%^$5. Ohio State 13:40.10%^$

Women’s High Jump%^$1. Eliz Toman, Colorado State 1.70m 507.00%^$5. Cathy Carlin, Ohioo State 1.60m 503.00%^$

Women’s Pole Vault%^$1. Andrea Meary, Arizona 3.60m 1109.75%^$

Women’s Long Jump%^$1. Brianna Glenn, Arizona 5.85m 1902.50%^$2. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 5.85m 1902.50%^$

Women’s Triple Jump%^$1. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 12.33m 4005.5%^$

Women’s Shot Put%^$1. Tamara Hawkins, Wyoming 14.66m %^$8. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 12.31m%^$

Women’s Weight Throw%^$1. Robin Lyons, Wyoming 19.49m%^$

Men’s Team Dual Meet Scores%^$Arizona 81, Air Force 75%^$Air Force 87, Colorado 61 %^$Air Force 83, Colorado State 73%^$ Air Force 87, Ohio State 57 %^$Air Force 87, Wyoming 61 %^$Arizona 85, Colorado 58 %^$Arizona 80, Colorado State 73%^$Arizona 84, Ohio State 53 %^$Arizona 86, Wyoming 59 %^$Colorado State 80, Colorado 63%^$Colorado 64, Ohio State 58 %^$Clolorado 65, Wyoming 64 %^$Colorado State 78, Ohio State 61%^$Colorado State 79, Wyoming 61 %^$Ohio State 66, Wyoming 65 %^$

Men’s 60-meter dash%^$Preliminaries%^$1. Eric Gray, Colorado State 6.70%^$3. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 6.76%^$8. Jimmy Redmond, Ohio State 6.87%^$10. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 6.94%^$Finals%^$1. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 6.70%^$

7. Jimmy Redmond, Ohio State 6.94%^$

Men’s 200-meter dash%^$1. Kyle Swartz, Colorado 21.60%^$2. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 21.82%^$5. Edson Francis, Ohio State 22.01%^$

Men’s 400-meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 46.77%^$7. Marlon DeLeon, Ohio State 49.92%^$

Men’s 800-meter run%^$1. Patrick Nduwimana, Arizona 148.87%^$3. Brian Ely, Ohio State 1:54.80%^$4. Luke Fields, Ohio State 1:55.20%^$

Men’s 1 Mile Run%^$1. Aaron Blondeau, Colorado 4:21.54%^$3. David Gonzolez, Ohio State 4:22.09%^$7. Andy Greicius, Ohio State 4:28.08%^$11. Ian Connor, Ohio State 4:35.41%^$

Men’s 3,000-Meter Run%^$1. Gtreg Schaborn, Wyoming 8:49.20%^$11 J.J. ORielly, Ohio State 9:08.87%^$

Men’s 60-Meter High Hurdles%^$Preliminaries%^$1. Reggie DePass, Colorado 7.93%^$2. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 8.07%^$3. (tie) Reggie Germany, Ohio State 8.15%^$Finals%^$1. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 7.95%^$4. Reggie Germany, Ohio State 8.13%^$

Men’s Long Jump%^$1. Marvin Swaby, Wyoming 7.22m%^$

Men’s Triple Jump%^$1. Quincy Howe, Wyoming 14.91m%^$

Men’s Shot Put%^$1. Jason Gervais, Whyoming 18.04m%^$

Men’s Weight Throw%^$1. Derek Woodake, Ohio State 21.02m%^$

Men’s 1 Mile Relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:12.42%^$

Men’s Pole Vault%^$1. Jeff Dutoit, Arizona 5.45m%^$