January 17, 1999

Jan. 16, 1999 – The Ohio State Buckeyes placed second at the Windy City Invitational on Sat., Jan. 16 in Chicago, Ill. The Buckeyes racked up 225.0 points, being edged out by repeat champions Iowa, which finished with 226.675 overall points With the victory, the Hawkeyes have now won six Windy City titles, tying them with Ohio State for the most championships won in the competitions twenty-nine year history. Michigan came in third, followed by Illinois, Michigan State, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Minnesota. %^$

Iowa’s Todd Strada won the all-around competition with a score of 56.425, finishing ahead of the 56.250 put up by 1998 NCAA all-around champion from Illinois Travis Romagnoli. Ohio States Tim Elsner (Sr., Middletown, N.J.) finished third in the all-around. %^$

In other individual competition, Elsner won the floor exercise with a 9.850, while teammate Jamie Natalie (So., Hockessin, Del.) was third. The Buckeyes are in action again on Sat., Jan. 23 for a coed home meet against Michigan State. The competition begins at 7 p.m. in St. John Arena. %^$

Windy City Invitational %^$ %^$at University of Illinois-Chicago%^$

%^$Iowa 226.675 %^$Ohio State 225.000 %^$Michigan 224.050 %^$Illinois 223.400 %^$Michigan State 223.200 %^$Univ. Illinois-Chicago 221.050%^$Minnesota 216.550 %^$ %^$

All Around %^$1. T. Strada, Iowa 56.425 %^$2. T. Romagnoli, Illinois 56.250 %^$3. Tim Elsner, Ohio State 56.200 %^$—%^$10. Jamie Natalie, Ohio State 55.075 %^$11. Jay Nardelli, Ohio State 54.950 %^$ %^$

Floor Exercise %^$1. Tim Elsner, Ohio State 9.850 %^$3. Jamie Natalie, Ohio State 9.650 %^$– %^$25. Daren Lynch, Ohio State 9.050%^$30. Rahsaan Williams, Ohio State 8.900 %^$31. Earnest Nelson, Ohio State 7.800 %^$ %^$

Pommel Horse %^$1. J. Plante, Michigan State 9.750 %^$4. Jamie Natalie, Ohio State 9.675 %^$24. Mike Canales, Ohio State 9.000%^$

Still Rings%^$1. C. Weedon, Michigan State 9.700%^$4. Rahsaan Williams, Ohio State 9.500%^$–%^$12. Daren Lynch, Ohio State 9.600%^$13. Peter Landry, Ohio State 9.300%^$28. Jamie Natalie, Ohio State 8.900%^$

Vault%^$1. J. Liebler, U. Illinois-Chicago 9.850%^$5. Daren Lynch, Ohio State 9.600%^$–%^$27. Jamie Natalie, Ohio State 9.250%^$30. Jay Nardelli, Ohio State 9.150%^$

Parallel Bars%^$1. T. Romagnoli, Illinois 9.700%^$4. Tim Elsner, Ohio State 9.400%^$–%^$10. Daren Lynch, Ohio State 9.250%^$16. Doug Stibel, Ohio State 9.150%^$28. Jay Nardelli, Ohio State 8.950%^$

Horizontal Bar%^$1. T. Strada, Iowa 9.875%^$2. Doug Stibel, Ohio State 9.825%^$3. Jay Nardelli, Ohio State 9.700%^$–%^$20. Adam Elliott, Ohio State 9.150%^$24. Mike Canales, Ohio State 9.000