February 14, 2022

Buckeyes Perform Well at the National Championship Qualifier



Ohio State 6,761 (2,242 air; 2,293 sport; 2,226 standard)
Purdue 5,818 (1,961 air; 1,971 sport; 1,886 standard)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State improved to 9-0 on the season by winning all three events against Purdue this weekend, firing a total overall score of 6,761 to the Boilermakers 5,818. Below are additional highlights:

  • Jackson Leverett, a sophomore, set the school record for 3-event aggregate with a 1,711
  • Junior Amanda Ackerman had a personal best performance in sport (553), standard (519), and 3-event aggregate(1,576)
  • Henry Leverett, a sophomore, had a personal-best performance in sport (579), standard (564), and 3-event aggregate (1,695)
  • Jackson Leverett, Henry Leverett, Katelyn Abeln, and Cade Haiby posted a program-best 2,226 as a team in standard
  • Buckeyes finished in the top eight in the 3-event aggregate
  • Buckeyes had the top three scores in air individually
  • Buckeyes had the top seven scores in sport individually and the top five scores in standard individually