Native of Circleville, Ohio, talks about dealing with both success and failure

COLUMBUS, Ohio John C. Maxwell, renowned throughout athletics and business for his motivational teachings, addressed a crowd of Ohio State student-athletes Friday at the Fawcett Center. In his 30-minute talk, the native of Circleville, Ohio, discussed what it takes to become a successful athlete and how to handle failures.

Maxwell told the group of Buckeyes about three areas athletes especially have to deal with. He began the discussion encouraging athletes to work together to accomplish their dreams and goals. He emphasized having skills beyond athletic talent to achieving greatness beyond oneself.  

The best-selling author then talked about the other side of competition losing. Maxwell pointed out the response to challenges and adversity can be a difference-maker and a teaching tool.

“Dreams are free,” he said. “The journey is not.”

Maxwell concluded his address by stressing the importance of making and managing decisions, how daily choices affect achieving ones dream.

In his closing words, Maxwell told the Buckeyes, “The secret of success is determined by your daily agenda.”

Maxwell has written several books on motivational teachings, including 17 Laws of Teamwork, Talent is Never Enough and Attitude 101.