COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeyes recently spent an afternoon at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank in Grove City to lend a few more hands and turn weeks of work into about an hour’s worth.

The team spent the afternoon weeding gardens, tilling and planting new seeds and vegetables and loading church vans with food to be distributed to the hungry.

“I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect,” said senior guard Brittany Johnson. “When we arrived, we were taken to the garden to pull up old plants and weeds, worked up the soil and then planted new vegetables. We were told that if we hadn’t been there to help it would’ve taken one lady two weeks to get it done by herself.

“We helped load boxes of food to fill the church van to finish out our day. Everybody felt really good about what we accomplished in a few hours of helping people that really needed some extra hands. It was definitely a workout with lots of sweat. However, we laughed throughout and had fun doing it. The final results were great and I hope we can schedule more projects like this in the future.”

Click the link above to view photos from the day’s activities.