January 9, 1999

January 9, 1999 – The Ohio State men’s and women’s track and field team opened the indoor track season with consistent, promising performances in the Ohio State Invitational today. While there was no team scoring, the Buckeyes recorded strong performances from returning All-Americans Dominque Calloway (Jr., Aurora, Colo.), a winner in both the 60 meter low hurdles and 200 meter dash and Donica Merriman (Trotwood, Ohio), who coasted to an easy victory in the 60 meter dash and ran second to Calloway in the 60 meter low hurdles and 200 meter dash. Andrew Pierce (So., Yellow Springs, Ohio) led the men, winning the 200 meter dash and following that up with a win in the 400 meter dash and anchoring the winning 4×400 relay.. The team next travels to the New York Invitational on Jan. 16 for its next competition.%^$

Event Winners%^$Men’s mile%^$1. Tim Broe, Alabama 4:03.46%^$3. David Gonzalez, Ohio State 4:20.15%^$4. Andy Grecius, Ohio State 4:21.84%^$

Women’s mile%^$1. Jessa Brown, Western Car. 5:15.02%^$2. Elissa Ballas, Ohio State 5:23.56%^$3. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 5:30.79%^$4. Kati Stevens, Ohio State 5:30.80%^$5. Erika Kessler, Ohio State 5:37.57 %^$

Men’s 400 meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State :47.07%^$3. Marlon Deleon, Ohio State :49.72%^$

Women’s 400 meter dash%^$1. Cathy Rejouis, Ohio State 57.97%^$4. Rhondalynn Crawford, Ohio State 1:00.04%^$

Men’s 60 meter dash%^$1. Johnie Morrison, Western Car.6.81%^$3. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 6.97%^$5. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 7.01%^$

Women’s 60 meter dash%^$1. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 7.70%^$

Men’s 800 meter dash%^$1. Momodou Drammeh, Morehouse 1:55.21%^$

Women’s 800 meter dash%^$1. Keeya McManus, Western Car. 2:18.38%^$2. Ta-Meika Brown, Ohio State 2:19.88%^$

Men’s 60 meter high hurdles%^$1. Jasmin Alverson, Alabama 8.10%^$3. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 8.32%^$

Women’s 60 meter low hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 8.26%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 8.46%^$4. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 9.15%^$

Men’s 200 meter dash%^$1. Andrew Pierce, Ohio State 21.84%^$4. Edison Francis, Ohio State 22.69%^$

Women’s 200 meter dash%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 24.32%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 25.48%^$3. Monique Coleman, Ohio State 26.14%^$

Men’s 3,000 meter %^$1. Frank Rono, Alabama 8:32.56%^$3. Ian Connor, Ohio State 8:35.74%^$5. J.J. ORielly, Ohio State 8:53.27%^$

Women’s 3,000 meter%^$1. Stephanie Agosta, Unattached 10:19.89%^$3. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:58.04%^$4. Kati Stevens, Ohio State 10:58.04%^$5. Elissa Ballas, Ohio State 11:02.03%^$

Men’s weight throw%^$1. Phillip Johnson, Western Car. 17.81m%^$

Women’s weight throw%^$1. Valerie Metz, Western Car. 15.16m%^$2. Karen Keys, Ohio State 12.29m%^$

Men’s 4×400 meter relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:14.98%^$

Women’s 4×400 meter relay%^$1. Ohio State 3:50.81%^$

Men’s pole vault%^$1. Ryan Lewis, Western Car. 4.45m%^$5. Rob Aldredge, Ohio State 4.15m%^$

Women’s pole vault%^$1. Valerie Jalajas, Western Car. 3.36m%^$2. Alicia Hill, Ohio State 2.29m%^$

Men’s long jump%^$1. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 7.17m%^$

Women’s long jump%^$1. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 5.6m%^$

Men’s triple jump%^$1. Dwight Joseph, Morgan State 14.61m%^$

Women’s triple jump%^$1. Kamilah Gabriel, Western Car. 11.87m%^$

Men’s high jump%^$1. Dameon Pope, Morehouse 1.98m%^$3. Andy Meade, Ohio State 1.88m%^$3. Alan Barr, Ohio State 1.88m%^$

Women’s high jump%^$1. Kerry-Ann Green, Maryland-ES 1.68m%^$3. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 1.63m%^$

Men’s shot put%^$1. Phillip Johnson, Western. Car. 15.26m%^$

Women’s shot put%^$1. Valerie Metz, Western Car. 13.05m%^$3. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 12.84m%^$5. Karen Keys, Ohio State 11.67m%^$

Women’s 600 meter dash%^$1. Carrie Hoblet, Ohio State 1:35.61%^$2. Ayanna Reece, Ohio State 1:36.68%^$