January 20, 2019

Buckeyes Host Third Home Match of the Season


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Saturday, January 19th and Sunday, January 20th

Columbus, Ohio- The Ohio State Buckeyes took on their last regular season home match this past weekend in Converse Hall hosting Navy. The Buckeyes came out on top in Open with a score of 6,449 (2226 air; 2054 free; 2169 standard) against Navy with a score of 6,199 (2152 air; 1972 free; 2075 standard), while the Buckeyes fell short in Women’s Aggregate with a score of 3,100 (1546 air; 1554 sport) against Navy with a score of 3,178 (1595 air; 1583 sport).

Another record-breaking score was added to this season by senior Emily Rust, setting a new record with a score of 1,115 in Women’s 2-Gun Aggregate.

Along with a record-breaking score, the Buckeyes came in strong this past weekend setting several new personal bests. Along with her record-breaking score, Emily Rust also set a new personal best in Sport Pistol (565). Other Buckeyes include Robbie Delagrange in Standard Pistol (545), Cade Haiby, who shot his personal bests in all three events, in Air Pistol (546), Standard Pistol (535), Free Pistol (498) and 3-Gun Aggregate (1,579) and Shrenik Jain in Air Pistol (571).

The Buckeyes went first, second, and third, in Air Pistol, led by Shrenik Jain (571) followed by Samuel Gens (566) and Anthony McCollum (561). The Buckeyes also went first, second, and third in Free Pistol, led by Samuel Gens (520) followed by Con Marrinan (515) and Anthony McCollum (513). Additionally, In Standard Pistol, Robbie Delagrange won the tiebreaker over Anthony McCollum to win with a score of 545, while Shrenik Jain took third place. Emily Rust took second in Women’s Air Pistol, losing the tie-breaker to Navy’s Maggie Chappel, and second in Sport Pistol.


The Buckeyes will continue on into the second half of their season this weekend, traveling to Akron, Ohio to take on Akron on Saturday, January 26th.