Aug. 12, 2012

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VIDEO: Player Interviews from Media Day

Read player quotes from Sunday’s media day

Chris Carter, freshman DL
On the mentality of the defensive linemen
“It’s pure aggression and not having to think about the plays and routes. It’s a lot less thinking, and just go get the guy across from you.”

Kenny Guiton, junior QB
On his relationship with the coaches
“Coach Meyer, Coach Herman and I have a great relationship. I had to show them I was a hard worker and that I want to be here and I want to play. That’s the reason I came here. I think Coach Herman noticed that about me and I think it’s all uphill from there.”

On where must improve
“The most work came with Coach Marotti in the weight room with mat drills. Even off the field in the classroom, I had to show them I’m a smart guy and I can get it done on and off the field.”

Corey Brown, junior DB
On differences in camp this year from previous years
“It’s been much more intense. We compete more and it’s going to have a good outcome.”

On how the defensive backs can improve
“We need to continue to make plays, make more interceptions and more pass break-ups.”

Jordan Hall, senior RB
On his role as a team leader while injured
“I need to help get the younger guys ready because I know that I probably won’t be in the first game. I’m just trying to focus on getting better and being a team leader. I’m rehabbing really hard and conditioning at least two or three times a day so I can be ready to help our offense.”

Carlos Hyde, junior RB
On how he has improved in practice
“This year I’m going to try to be more consistent. I’ve tried to get out there in practice and do different scout teams to help the special teams. I want to make them better at their positions so when it’s game time it’ll be easy for them. I just try to do different things at practice to help people out.”

Nathan Williams, senior DL
On recovering from his injury
“I thank the staff for pushing me through this hard time that I’ve been going through so I’m really happy with the results that I’ve had in this past month.

“I’ve been in contact as far as individual drills, but nothing with the team. I’m waiting and I’m very anxious to get out there. I’m trying to convince them that I’m ready. It’s been a long process with this and I want them to know how hard I’ve been working and I want to prove that I’m still the player I was, as long as I’m 100 percent I’ll be just fine.”

Adam Homan, senior RB
On his role as an upperclassman
“Being here for so long, I feel like I’m there for any of the guys who need help. We have the big brother – little brother system, which I like.”

On the new “black stripe” tradition among players
“I really like what Coach Meyer brought here with that. There’s no initiation on this team: when you get here, you’re here and that’s it, but your real rite of passage is when you show your toughness and your big brother gets to take off your black stripe for you.”

Ryan Shazier, sophomore LB
On the intensity of camp
“Camp is pretty hard, but we’re getting it together because it’s newer, different and more fast-paced.”

On starting classes earlier in the season due to the semester switch “It’ll be a little different, but I’m not concerned because we had class during the season last year and we’re just starting it early this year. So I’m not too worried.”

Ben Buchanan, senior P/K
On kicking
“I was a kicker and punter in high school and I did both under Coach Tressel before I decided to just do the punting. Coach Meyer came to me and asked me, as a senior veteran, and said we’re going to need someone to take over this spot for us and I’m very excited to do that. It’s a new part of the game for me to learn.”

On pressure as a punter
“I feel punting is a huge part of the game and if you go 50 yards on a punt it’s huge compared to a seven-yard run or a 12-yard pass play. I think our offense has come along this year. Whatever I’m asked to do I try and do it to the best of my ability.”