Aug. 10, 2014

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — The 2014 Buckeyes took a day away from practice for their annual photo and media day at Ohio Stadium and the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Players and coaches spent the morning hours with their family and friends, then took photos and talked to the media about the 2014 season.

Click the links above for head coach Urban Meyer’s transcript, his video press conference and quotes from players and assistant coaches.

Assistant Coach Quotes

Ed Warinner, co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach
On the state of the offensive line
“We’re trying to get the pieces in place. I wouldn’t say we’re ready yet, but the scrimmages and practices will have us ready by Aug. 30. We’re well on our way.”

On the competition at left guard
“We’re between Billy Price, Joel Hale and Antonio Underwood at left guard. Billy is a little ahead after the scrimmage yesterday, Joel has looked solid in his time and Antonio is doing what he can to stay in the mix.”

Luke Fickell, defensive coordinator/linebackers coach
On the competition on the defense
“If we have a game tomorrow, I’d say we have 15 guys who can compete for a starting spot, not just a set 11. If you have a true 11 starters, you don’t have the great competition that makes a great team.

“We have great talent, but youth and competition can drive guys and push guys as much as you want. The competition between each other is what makes the difference.”

Chris Ash, co-defensive coordinator/safeties coach
On his evaluations of the defense
“We have some good talented players, a lot of young guys who are ready to step up. I’ve been very impressed with the overall character and commitment of our group. They have bought into Coach Meyer and the culture he has instilled here.”

On base defense
“Right now we are in a base 4-3. We will play the defense our personnel allows us and right now 4-3 is the best fit.”

On practice competition with the offense
“We are not going to face a better offense or better skill players than what we face in practice every day. Our guys have held their own and are making plays.”

Larry Johnson, assistant head coach/defensive line coach
On junior Adolphus Washington
“He needs to get used to playing double teams. Some guys embrace it, some guys don’t. From what I have seen, he is starting to understand the importance of his role.”

On defensive line depth
“My goal is to have a group of nine to 10 guys we can shuffle in and out in no particular order. We have the talent to be able to do that, we just have to coach it up.”

On the philosophy of the defensive front
“We want to be an attacking front. We want to be a gap defense that can get off blocks with speed and attack. We want to dictate, not be dictated to.”

Zach Smith, wide receivers coach
On junior Corey Smith
“He is very talented. He has bought completely into the system instilled by Coach Meyer, Coach Marotti and myself. He has all the ability to be great and is one of the most talented guys I have coached. I’m excited to see his progress at the end of camp.”

On competition at wide receiver
“It’s a battle to catch the ball. It’s exciting. A few years ago we didn’t know who we could throw to and now I look around and don’t know how I’m going to get the ball to all these guys. There is a lot of talent.”

On senior Devin Smith’s mindset entering his senior season
“He was disappointed that he was `good’ but not `great’ last year. He knows he has a high ceiling. I noticed a change in his attitude immediately entering the spring. He is ready to go now.”

Tim Hinton, tight ends/fullbacks coach
On the development of Marcus Baugh
“Marcus Baugh has really matured as an individual and as a player.  He’s physically developing. There’s a lot of raw talent. Consistency is the number one objective this fall. There’s a high ceiling for him.”

On the strength of the Buckeye offense

“When you look at our offensive scrimmages, even without Braxton or Jeff really going, I have to be honest with you. There are some scary parts to this offense. There are some really strong players.”

Tom Herman, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach
On Miller’s capabilities this season
“I’ve been around him for two years and have seen his growth, maturity and development. I don’t really think the shoulder will be an issuing other than managing the volume early. Structurally, he’s fine, but it’s the fatigue and soreness that accompanies the number of throws.”

On the depth at quarterback
“When’s Braxton out, they get equal reps with the 1s and 2s. With [Miller] in, they alternate reps with the 2s. Both of them have been doing just fine.”

On the growth of Miller’s leadership skills
“The big thing is he sees football really well and understands football. It was the ability to communicate like a coach and to teach the younger guys certain things. I’m happy where he’s at now. Like all of us, he’s improving every day.”

Ohio State Player Quotes

Braxton Miller, senior quarterback
On the status of his shoulder
“It feels good. I took off the scrimmage yesterday but it is nothing to worry about. The shoulder is 100 percent.”

On his evaluation of the wide receivers
“They look solid. Everyone is having fun and making plays. We definitely have some playmakers this season.”

Raekwon McMillan, freshman linebacker
On adjusting to the college game
“The biggest adjustment has been getting accumulated to the speed. Not every player in high school is fast, but in college they are.”

On his accomplishments during the spring
“This spring my goal was to prove myself. I was highly recruited but that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t go out and perform.”

Curtis Samuel, freshman running back
On the freshman class
“Everyone is close, which is a great thing to have. We are in competition but we also help each other. It is a family.”

On approaching the grueling second week of camp
“We have to go in there and get ready to work, follow the lead of our seniors and other team leaders. We need to approach the week with a positive mindset.”

Evan Spencer, senior wide receiver
On developing a new perspective this spring
“I’ve always been the type of person that never likes to sit out when I can be participating, can be helping and can be developing myself and the team as a whole. At the same time, I developed some leadership skills sitting back and getting a different perspective of practice, meetings and the operation as a whole.”

On the offensive weapons
“I think that with all the weapons we have we will be really be explosive. Come game time, we’ll be ready to rock and roll.”

On camp
“It’s definitely a bonding experience. Camp is rough. Two-a-days are always going to be hard. Going into last one now, it develops character as a team and brings us together as a whole.”

Devin Smith, senior wide receiver
On his goals for the season
“I’m looking for a season that everyone will remember. Being a senior it’s a special time and I just want to go out with a bang and let Buckeye Nation remember our class.”

On playing in M&T Bank stadium vs. Navy
I don’t think it will make a big difference. We play in Ohio Stadium all the time and feel like it won’t be any different.”

Taylor Decker, junior offensive lineman
On football in Ohio
It’s cool to see local guys from the Dayton area come up here and be successful. It shows there’s good football in Ohio and good players in Ohio. “

On playing left tackle
“I think any offensive lineman wants to play left tackle spot, it’s one of the coveted positions on the offensive line. I love it and enjoy it. That’s what I wanted to play when I came here.”

On leading the pulse of the team
“It’s definitely humbling and a good feeling to hear [Coach Meyer] say something like that. It says that all my hard work through the past years in the offseason is paying off and for Coach Meyer to say things like that, it’s humbling. But it also makes me hungry to keep working hard, keep getting better and set the standard.”

On replacing four members of the offensive line
“It’s been a quick transition for me going from one of the young guys to one of the old guys. I’m really trying to take what I learned from Jack Mewhort, Corey Linsley, Andrew Norwell and Marcus Hall because now it’s my turn and I have to lead by example.”

On taking over a leadership role
“I like being a leader. It was good for me to be a bit of a follower my first couple years and to learn from those guys but I’m enjoying my leadership role now.”

Tyvis Powell, junior safety
On focusing on pass defense
“Pass defense has been the biggest focus for us the whole offseason. We’re more aggressive on the pass. Last year, everyone had a fear of not getting beat deep. This year, I see us making more plays on the short routes.”

On the freshman class
You would think a lot of spots would be set. The freshmen are coming in and competing for spots. It’s the best freshman class I’ve seen. All the freshmen go … they go out there and make plays.”

Ezekiel Elliott, sophomore running back
On competition at the running back spot
“I obviously want to secure the starting spot. We have a lot of great backs here but we’re all doing a good job of pushing each other.”

On expectations this season
“We expect to be one of those final four teams. Here at Ohio State, the expectation every year is to compete for a national championship. We have our eyes on the prize.”

Dontre Wilson, sophomore H-back
On working with the running backs
“I’m pumped to be back in the running back room a bit. I’m excited about it but I’m happy I can also work with the receivers.”

On becoming more comfortable with the offense
“I think when I become more comfortable with the offense, I can take things to another level. That’s starting to happen so far in camp and since I know the plays, everything flows that much easier.”