Aug. 22, 2011

VIDEO: Fickell at Media Day

Photo Gallery

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio State football team spent Sunday afternoon in the Horseshoe for its annual photo day where players took photos, mingled with family and friends and met with local reporters.

Check out the photos above and click to watch Coach Luke Fickelladdress the media.

Media Day Quotes

Michael Brewster
On the upcoming year
“This is the first year I’ve been here where we have something to prove. Sometimes people may see us as the underdog, but we are Ohio State, nothing has changed.”

On the media day turnout
“This is Ohio State football and it’s The Ohio State University, one of the greatest in the world. Nothing can stop that, it’s just going to keep going and we have to make sure it goes. I’m just so excited to get these next two weeks of work in and then get on the field.”

On the freshman class this year
“They have picked it up a lot. (Brian) Bobek has done a great job picking up the offense. It’s hard for the young guys sometimes because it is a lot. Being on the offensive line, it takes a lot to sort through everything. We’ve made some mistakes but you just try to bring them along and correct them so that they don’t do it on the field.”

Marcus Hall
On the last two weeks of training
“Just to sum it all up we need to get better. We can never be good enough. We had a scrimmage yesterday and we saw a lot of good out of the offense and definitely a lot of good work out of the defense. We just need to get better as a team.”

On last year
“Last year was tough for me, not being able to be with my team, but it was a mistake I had to learn from and I’m back and feel like I’m better than ever.”

On the offensive line’s chemistry
“This is a new line, we lost two guards, but we have come together a lot during camp. We look good. There have been some rough spots but there have been even more good things.”

Jaamal Berry
On Daniel Herron being around
“It’s been a big help. He helps us out a lot telling us to finish plays and run hard. He is someone we look up to because he had such a great season last year and he knows what it takes to be great.”

On the deep backfield this year
“We don’t have a stable quarterback so we are going to rely on the running game a lot. We are all running hard and hopefully we can carry the offense.”

John Simon, junior defensive lineman
On the offseason
“We’re at Ohio State. There are always going to be high expectations for us on the field. We’re not worrying about what happened this offseason, just trying to get through camp healthy and be ready for the season.”

On individual awards “I don’t think about individual awards. Football is a team sport. We have a saying on defense and that’s as long as you’re doing your one-eleventh, everything will work out.”

Jake Stoneburner, redshirt junior tight end
On the Akron game

“We try not to look too far ahead. Right now we’re concerned about improving in camp. We aren’t overlooking any team though, and we’re definitely going to be prepared for Akron. Right now we just want to get to the game healthy.”

On head coach Luke Fickell
“It’s not a more intense atmosphere, just a different atmosphere with Fickell. He brings a defensive attitude to the entire team, as far as things like aggressiveness and pursuit. Overall, it’s nothing too different for us though.”