August 13, 2017

Buckeyes Gain Real World Work Experience Over the Summer


Aug. 13, 2017

The summer presents many opportunities for student-athletes to get real world work experience in their field if they want. The summer of 2017 served as a time for career development for a number of Ohio State field hockey student-athletes.


Maddy Humphrey | Bucks Go Pro

  • Maddy served as an intern in the athletics communications office at Ohio State this summer as a part of the Huntington Bucks Go Pro internship program
  • She provided weekly updates on numerous student-athletes and what they were learning and working on this summer
  • Along with her weekly updates for the website in writing, Maddy also took photos/videos of group activities throughout the summer
  • “The Bucks Go Pro internship gave me the opportunity to explore and discover my identity outside of athletics was wonderful. It helped me learn more about myself. Our guest speakers allowed us to explore our goals and aspirations, giving us the positive perspective that will enable us to achieve it.”

Sofia Haramis | Lord and Taylor Flagship Human Resources Department | New York City

  • Sofia is a student in The Fisher School of Business
  • Some of her responsibilities included pre-screening applicants, scheduling interviews, training new personnel, and creating employee appreciation events. Leaning on skills she learned during her time as a student-athlete such as communication, adaptability, and accountability she was able to excel in her role.
  • “My time here at Ohio State has helped develop me into who I am. I have been blessed to receive great classroom opportunities while developing my interpersonal skills with a team environment.”

Caroline Rath | Under Armour

  • Caroline worked in the executive offices reporting directly to the Vice President and Chief of Staff to CEO Kevin Plank. 
  • Her internship concluded with a 30 minute presentation to Plank on a new social media idea.  Caroline has been invited to continue the assignment and looks forward to new opportunities with Under Armour. 
  • Caroline is a senior Sports Industry major with a minor in Business Administration.

Natalie Faust | Shootout for Soldiers

  • Natalie was a member of a team that helped raise the most money to date in the history of Shootout For Soldiers in Baltimore — over $200,000, which goes straight to our partnered charities.
  • Video of Shootout For Soldiers
  • Natalie worked the full 24 hours at each of the six cities that Shootout For Soldiers hosted this summer — Atlanta, Houston, Hudson Valley, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Columbus, Canandaigua and Long Island.
  • “It was truly an amazing summer working for a great cause.”

Paige Hamilton | Bucks Go Pro

  • Paige served as an intern with the Buckeye Careers office
  • Paige compiled and sorted through the graduate assistant manual for training graduate students at Buckeye Career Counseling and updated it when needed
  • She worked on informational interviews, where she can reached out to Ohio State University Alumni who have majored in psychology to possibly find work in the human resources industry.
  • Hamilton earned her degree this summer in psychology major
  • “My goal for the summer was to gain knowledge about career counselling, future occupations I could be interested in and obtain the work experience needed for future job endeavors out of college.”