May 13, 2001

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State women’s rowing team finished second at the 2001 Lexus South/Central Regional Sunday in Oak Ridge, Tenn., and will now wait to see if that performance warrants an at-large selection to the NCAA Tournament later this month.

The Buckeyes will find out their fate Tuesday, May 15. A total of 10 teams will be selected by the NCAA to compete for the national championship May 24-27 at Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Ga.

Ohio State scored 74 points at the regional competition Sunday to finish second to Michigan (120), who secured a spot in the NCAA Championship tournament with its performance.

Andy Teitelbaum, Ohio State head coach, said the Buckeyes justified the No. 2 ranking in the region with their performance.

“It was good racing,” Teitelbaum said. “It was close in the varsity events with Michigan and Iowa. We are glad we maintained our standing in the region. Hopefully we performed well enough to advance to the NCAA Tournament.

“The first varsity eight had another great race with Michigan with just two and a half seconds separating us,” Teitelbaum said. “We are getting faster and hopefully will continue to get faster if we get selected to the NCAA Tournament. We raced solid and reinforced our standing in the region.”

Three boats score in NCAA competition, the first varsity four, first varsity eight and the second varsity eight. Ohio State finished second in both varsity eight events and third in the varsity four competition.

In the first varsity eight Grand Final, Ohio State finished with a time of 6 minutes 39.8 seconds. Michigan edged the Buckeyes with a time of 6:37.2.

The Wolverines and Buckeyes finished in like fashion in the second varsity eight Grand Final. Michigan claimed victory with a time of 6:42.6 while the Buckeyes came in at 6:50.1.

Ohio State’s first varsity four finished third (7:28.8) behind Iowa (7:26.5) and Michigan (7:23.6).

2001 Lexus South/Central Regional

Final Results

Team Standings Pts.
1 Michigan 120
2 Ohio State 74
3 Iowa 49
4 Minnesota 16
5 Michigan State 14
6 Clemson 10.5
7 Duke 10
8 North Carolina 8
9 Notre Dame 7.5
10 Kansas 7
11 Tennessee 4
12 Kansas State 2
13 Cincinnati 0
Indiana 0
Texas 0
Tulsa 0

Grand Finals

First Varsity Four

1 Michigan 7:23.6
2 Iowa 7:26.5
3 Ohio State 7:28.8
4 Clemson 7:39.5
5 Michigan State 7:39.7
6 Kansas 7:54.4

Second Varsity Eight

1 Michigan 6:42.6
2 Ohio State 6:50.1
3 Iowa 6:51.2
4 Clemson 6:55.1
5 Michigan State 6:55.6
6 Notre Dame 7:03.6

First Varsity Eight

1 Michigan 6:37.2
2 Ohio State 6:39.8
3 Iowa 6:42.1
4 Michigan State 6:42.4
5 Notre Dame 6:53.9
6 Kansas 7:04.2