COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State rowing team earned a fourth-place finish at the Big Ten Championships in Laingsburg, Mich. While Wisconsin (148) was named the Big Ten Champion, the Scarlet and Gray beat out Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana for a total score of 105 points.

Michigan State finished second with 132, while Michigan rounded out the Top 3 with 111 points.

Buckeye senior Charlott Goldstein was selected a First Team All-Big Ten honoree. It is the second All-Big Ten award for Goldstein, as she was a second-team recipient last season. Senior Sara Wallace and sophomore Claudia Herpertz earned Second Team All-Big Ten laurels.

The championships will air on tape delay on the Big Ten Network at noon May 16. Up next, the Buckeyes will compete in Oak Ridge, Tenn. May 15-16 at the Aramark South/Central Region Sprints.

First Varsity Eight
The boat – Claudia Herpertz, Carolin Helmholz, Ingrid Aasaaren, Ulrike Denker, Erin Shropshire, Sara Wallace, Lindsey Titus, Charlott Goldstein and Kristin DiJosie – finished third in the Grand Final in 6:22.64, beating out Michigan who crossed the line in 6:25.98. Wisconsin came in second (6:22.63), putting Michigan State in first place with a time of 6:17.41. The Buckeyes won their preliminary heat earlier in the day, clocking in at 6:25.70, while Wisconsin and Iowa finished second and third in 6:27.20 and 6:31.21, respectively.

Second Varsity Eight
Ohio State’s crew – Jill Mohr, Tess Prescott, Claudia Schiwy, Emily Ralph, Emily Walsh, Katie Flarida, Mandy Merritt, Caroline McPherson and Erika Benford – won its morning race against Michigan State (6:37.02) and Iowa (6:41.99) in 6:32.70. The Buckeye boat went on to place third in the Grand Final, clocking in at 6:29.82. Michigan State took fourth in 6:33.01, while Wisconsin and Michigan finished first and second, respectively, in 6:22.09 and 6:24.99, respectively.

First Varsity Four
The boat – Stephanie Johnson, Kate Sweeney, Ellen Heister, Anniken Ellingsen and Samantha Getz – timed in at 7:30.83 behind third-place Michigan (7:24.99), second-place Michigan State (7:17.02) and first-place Wisconsin (7:15.13) in the Grand Final. Earlier in the day, the boat finished in 7:21.61, ahead of Minnesota in 7:22.23, while Michigan took first in 7:21.34.

Second Varsity Four
The Buckeyes won their petite final, taking fifth overall in 7:36.40 with crew members Ashley Dzurnak, Kara Shropshire, Katie Coons, Farrah Edwards and MacKenzie Pecor. Iowa and Indiana finished behind Ohio State in 7:51.68 and 8:15.98, respectively. The Scarlet and Gray finished third in its opening heat in 7:46.59, behind second-place Michigan (7:37.14) and Wisconsin (7:33.70).

First Novice Eight
The crew – Allison Elber, Sarah Cornish, Leslie Weist, Caroline Farrar, Jessica Danker, Jessica Breig, Colleen Krajewski, Elise Mayo and Kyrsten French – won the petite final for an overall fifth-place finish. Ohio State clocked in at 6:59.26 ahead of Minnesota (7:07.14) and Iowa (7:57.34). In the morning preliminary heats, the First Novice Eight finished third in 6:49.95 behind second-place Indiana in 6:49.47, while Michigan took first in 6:45.40.

Second Novice Eight
The boat came in second overall, timing in at 6:59.21 with crew members Christine McMillan, Elizabeth Trentman, Sarah Brad, Sam Fowle, Katherine Tylinski, Kelley Drew, Kaitlin Maloney, Samantha Autry and Katie Daniel.  Wisconsin topped the Buckeyes for first in 6:53.10, while Michigan State and Michigan came in third and fourth in 7:12.13 and 7:12.26, respectively. Ohio State’s preliminary race (6:56.61) also beat Michigan State (7:02.26) and Minnesota in 7:20.74.

Final Team Standings
Team Score

Wisconsin 148
Michigan State 132
Michigan 111
Ohio State 105
Minnesota 66
Iowa 51
Indiana 30

First Novice Eight Petite Final
1. Ohio State                                  06:59.26
2. Minnesota                                  07:07.14
3. Iowa                                            07:57.34

Second Novice Eight Grand Final
1. Wisconsin                                   06:53.10
2. Ohio State                                   06:59.21
3. Michigan State                            07:12.13
4. Michigan                                     07:12.26

First Varsity Four Grand Final
1. Wisconsin                                   07:15.13
2. Michigan State                            07:17.02
3. Michigan                                     07:24.99
4. Ohio State                                   07:30.83

Second Varsity Four Petite Final
1. Ohio State                                   07:36.40
2. Iowa                                            07:51.68
3. Indiana                                        08:15.98

First Varsity Eight Grand Final
1. Wisconsin                                   06:22.09
2. Michigan                                     06:24.99
3. Ohio State                                   06:29.82
4. Michigan State                            06:33.01

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final
1. Wisconsin 6:22.09
2. Michigan 6:24.99
3. Ohio State 6:29.82
4. Michigan State 6:33.01

Big Ten All-Conference Teams
Shifumi Terasara, Indiana
Sheila Rinozzi, Iowa
Ashley Kroll, Michigan
Emily Regan, Michigan State
MIchelle Mussett, Michigan State
Victoria Woodward, Michigan State
Charlott Goldstein, Ohio State
Lucy Mulvey, Minnesota
Vicy Opitz, Wisconsin
Katy Haver, Wisconsin
Andrea Wensits, Indiana
Jess Novack, Iowa
Adrienne Meacham, Michigan
Laura Cowal, Michigan State
Kellie LaPointe, Michigan State
Cassie Drozynski, Minnesota
Sara Wallace, Ohio State
Claudia Herpertz, Ohio State
Grace Latz. Wisconsin
Katie Hurtis, Wisconsin