November 17, 2018

Buckeyes Finish First Day of Elite Invitational Duals


Nov. 17, 2018


2018-19 Schedule

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Elite Invitational Duals Schedule


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Buckeyes had a successful first day of fencing on their home strips for the Elite Invitational Duals. The women’s squad defeated 3 out of the 4 schools they competed against. This included a 15-12 victory over Cornell, 18-9 victory over UNC, and an impressive 25-2 victory over CSU. The men’s squad went undefeated today against their opponents, UNC and CSU. The men went 17-10 over UNC and 19-8 over CSU.


In a back and forth battle, the women’s sabre squad was edged by Northwestern, 4-5. Aleksandra Kolmykova picked up two victories, while Stephanie Miller and Sarah Merza each contributed one win.

The women’s foil squad defeated Northwestern, 5-4. Camilla Rivano went undefeated against her opponents, adding three to the squad’s total. Natalia Falkowski and Gabriela Cecchini each picked up a victory for the team.

The women’s epee squad was defeated in a tough bout against Northwestern. Emma Von Dadelszen scored two wins for the team, with Alexanne Verret also defeating one of her opponents for a win.


The women’s sabre unit recorded three victories against their opponent who totaled six wins to defeat the Buckeyes.

Rivano and Cecchini put another three wins on the board for the Buckeyes foil squad, with Falkowski adding one win. The Buckeyes ended with a 7-1 victory over Cornell.

Verret defeated all her opponents, racking up three wins for her squad. Von Dadelszen also added to the team total with two wins. The women’s epee unit defeated Cornell in a close bout, 5-4.


The men’s sabre squad defeated UNC 7-2. Domenik Koch went undefeated, winning all three of his bouts. Roscoe Swartz added to the squad’s total with two wins and both Benjamin Marcus and Frank Ditullio, scored one win for the unit.

Nathan Wriedt had three wins for men’s foil, with William Gaziano and Liam Cao each contributing one win for a 5-4 victory over UNC.

For the epee unit, Oliver Shindler added to the squad’s total with three wins and Matthew Comes close behind with two. The squad defeated UNC 5-4.

The women’s sabre unit defeated UNC 8-1. Merza and Miller both had three wins and Kolmykova added to the total with two wins.

Women’s foil won in a close bout against UNC, 5-4. Rivano went undefeated against her three opponents. Cecchini and Falkowski added to the squad’s total with one win each.

Verret and Von Dadelszen both defeated two of their three opponents and Leccese had one win, which lead them to a 5-4 victory over UNC.


Miller, Nicole Fisher, and Ariel Gluck all went undefeated in women’s sabre. They won all three of their bouts, defeating CSU 9-0.

The women’s foil squad defeated CSU 8-1. Cecchini and Falkowski both went undefeated, adding three wins to their unit’s total. Rivano won two of her three bouts helping the squad to a victory.

Women’s epee also defeated CSU 8-1 with Verret and Von Dadelszen each with three victories over their opponents. Leccese followed close behind with two wins adding to the squad’s total of eight.

The men’s sabre squad went 9-0 against CSU. Marcus, Ditullio and Matthew Hayes won all three of their bouts, securing a squad victory.

Men’s foil competed in a close bout against CSU, winning 5-4. Wriedt and Cao both had two victories over their opponents and Jacob Gordon added one win to the squad’s total.

Ethan Edwards had two wins for the epee squad. Culpepper, Comes and Henry Lange all added one victory to the unit’s total. The buckeyes defeated CSU 5-4.


Ohio State is set to fence in the second day of competition at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow at French Field House. The Buckeyes will compete against Princeton, Notre Dame, Penn State, UNC, Cornell, and UPenn.

Following this weekend’s competition, the Buckeyes will start off 2019, traveling to New York for the St. John’s Duals and Philadelphia, Pa. for the UPenn Dual Meet a day later.


Elite Invitational Duals

Nov. 17, 2018

French Field House – Columbus, Ohio



NWU def. OSU, 15-12 (S: 4-5, F: 5-4, E: 3-6)

OSU def. Cornell, 15-12 (S: 3-6, F: 7-2, E: 5-4)

OSU def. UNC, 18-9 (S: 8-1, F: 5-4, E: 5-4)

OSU def. CSU, 25-2 (S: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)


OSU def. UNC, 17-10 (S: 7-2, F: 5-4, E: 5-4)

OSU def. CSU, 19-8 (S: 9-0, F: 5-4, E: 5-4)



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