June 16, 2022

Buckeyes Earn USFCA Academic Accolades


The United States Fencing Coaches Association announced its academic awards for 2022 this week. Awards are based on combined fall and spring semester grade-point averages.

Student-athletes with a grade-point average of 3.3 or higher were named to the USFCA All-Academic Team and those with an in-season GPA of 3.7 or better received Scholar of Distinction honors.

The Buckeye men’s and women’s programs also received All-Academic recognition for their combined in-season GPAs. Across the country, 15 women’s squads and seven men’s teams earned the honor.

The USFCA academic awards program started in 2021.

All-Academic Team/Scholars of Distinction
Chandini Antal
Bence Bende!
Matthew Comes^
Lauryn DeLuca!
Karina Dyner
Miranda Freedman
Claire Teresa Galavotti
Will Gaziano
Mika Guillen!
Vincent Haney!
Clark Kokenge!
Henry Lange!
Katherine Larimer
Alina Lee
Wesley Lee
Yeva Mazur
Emma Montgomery!
Jack Price!
Camilla Rivano!
Kristen Ruscitelli!
Zoe Shay-Tannas!
Talia Weiss
Nathan Wriedt^

All-Academic Team
Stephen Chou^
Chris Collado!
Kelly Feng
James Flanagan
Jacob Gordon
Anitya Kumar
Jadon Montgomery
David Ouellette^
Eleonore Perrier
Max Rodney^
Jewelia Smith
Roscoe Swartz!
Julieta Toledo^
Justin Vogler

!2021 Scholar of Distinction
^2021 All-Academic Team