March 22, 2014


COLUMBUS, Ohio– With a score of 91.0 points, the Ohio State synchronized swimming team earned second place at the 2014 U.S. Collegiate Championships Saturday in Oxford, Ohio. Lindenwood, who captured first place in all routine events, was crowned the champion with 96.0 points at the Corwin M. Nixon Aquatic Center. The Buckeyes earned four silver medals and one bronze medal in the event.

Six Buckeyes garnered U.S. All-American honors, including Lorraine Hack, Emma Baranski, Elizabeth Davidson, Lauren Nicholson, Khadija Zanotto and Morgan Boneberg. Hack and Baranski also picked up All-Collegiate laurels with senior Yuliya Maryanko at the event. Ohio State assistant coach Suzanna Fernandez was recognized as the 2014 Collegiate Contributor of the Year.

Maryanko, who earned four silver medals in the championships, was named the Individual High Point champion with a score of 61 points. The Kharhov, Ukraine, native also collected Individual High Point honors at the 2013 U.S. Senior National Championships.
In the solo finals, Maryanko was awarded an 88.0500 to take second place. Lindenwood’s Mary Killman took first place with a score of 90.4500.

Maryanko paired with Hack to tally a score of 86.9000 to earn a silver medal in duet competition. Lindenwood’s Reem Abdalazem and Killman finished in first with a score of 89.3500.

In the trio finals, the Buckeyes notched two Top 3 finishes. The Buckeye trio of Davidson, Hack and Maryanko took second with an 88.0500 while Baranski, Nicholson and Zanotto secured third with a score of 86.5000 points.
The Scarlet Team, comprised of Chelsea Aton, Baranski, Boneberg, Davidson, Hack, Nicholson, Katie Spada and Zanotto, tied with Stanford to take second place in the team finals. Lindenwood edged the Buckeyes by.1000 points to take first with a score of 88.6000. The Gray Team, consisting of Alexa Aton, Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Sarah House, Natalie Huibregtse, Amrian Johnson, Heidi Liou and Jasmine Pulido, was awarded 84.8500 to finish in fifth place.
Up next, the Buckeyes will wrap up the 2014 campaign at the U.S. Senior National Championships April 8 in Oro Valley, Ariz.
2014 U.S. Collegiate Championships
March 22, 2014
Oxford, Ohio
Corwin M. Nixon Aquatic Center
Overall Team Results (Top 5)
1. Lindenwood – 96.0
2. Ohio State – 91.0
3. Stanford – 72.0
4. Canisius College – 62.0
5. Incarnate Word – 56.0
Individual High Point
Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 61.000
Solo Results (Top 5)
1. Mary Killman (Lindenwood) – 90.4500
2. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 88.0500
3. Svetlana Ponkratova (Canisius) – 84.8000
4. Emilee Wills (Incarante Word) – 81.8000
5. Kayla Moses (Wheaton College) – 81.1500
Duet Results (Top 5)
1. Reem Abdalazem/Mary Killman (Lindenwood) – 89.3500
2. Lorraine Hack/Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 86.9000
3. Isabella Park/Marisa Tashima (Stanford)- 85.9500
4. Megan Hanslet/Evelyna Wang (Stanford) – 85.8000
5. Laina Gray/Jessica Mancini (Canisius) – 83.7000
Trio Results (Top 5)
1. Anouk Eman/Mary Killman/Dennise Ramirez (Lindenwood) – 88.6000
2. Elizabeth Davidson/Lorraine Hack/Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) – 88.0500
3. Emma Baranski/Lauren Nicholson/Khadija Zanotto (Ohio State) – 86.5000
4. Leigh Haldeman/Megan Hansley/Evelyna (Stanford) – 85.7000
5. Reem Abdalazem/Alyson Haylor/Laia Pons (Lindenwood) – 85.150
Team Results (Top 5)
1. Lindenwood – 88.6000
T2. Stanford – 88.5000
T2. Ohio State Scarlet – 88.5000
4. Lindenwood – 85.2000
5. Ohio State Gray – 84.8500

Lorraine Hack
Emma Baranski
Elizabeth Davidson
Lauren Nicholson
Khadija Zanotto  
Morgan Boneberg

Yuliya Maryanko
Lorraine Hack
Emma Baranski