September 29, 2019

Buckeyes Dominate OSU Duals


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State fencing program opened its team season with a dominating 8-0 sweep of the OSU Duals Sunday, marking the Buckeyes’ 16th-consecutive win at this event. The women’s side finished 191-22 while the men finished 194-20.

Coach Donald Anthony Jr. on the day: 

“It was a very good first dual meet for the season. We got the results I was expecting. The men’s foil team had a slow start at the beginning against Cleveland State, but they came right back. As soon as we get our new foil coach I’m sure they’ll be back in form as well.”

Buckeye junior Nicole Fisher on the OSU Duals:

“I felt very supported today. If I started losing, my teammates told me what I was doing wrong to get me back on track. It was also nice to support other weapons throughout the competition.”

The Buckeyes travel to Philadelphia Nov. 16 for the Elite Invitational.

The women’s team shut out two opponents and the men’s team shut out three opponents and dropped only six bouts.

Both men’s and women’s foil shut out a team-high five opponents each. The women dropped seven bouts all day while the men’s squad dropped eight.

Women’s sabre dominated the competition by shutting out all its opponents but one, dropping just one bout all competition. Junior Nicole Fisher went defeated for the day. The men’s squad went 54-6.

Ohio State women’s results
OSU def. Cleveland State, 23-4 (S: 9, F: 9, E: 5)
OSU def. Michigan State, 24-3 (S: 9, F: 9, E: 6)
OSU def. Oberlin, 24-0 (S: 6, F: 9, E: 9)
OSU def. Michigan, 20-7 (S: 8, F: 6, E: 6)
OSU def. Denison, 25-2 (S: 9, F: 8, E: 8)
OSU def. Indiana, 27-0 (S: 9, F: 9, E: 9)
OSU def. Florida, 23-4 (S: 9, F: 6, E: 8)
OSU def. Case Western Reserve, 25-2 (S: 9, F: 9, E: 7)

Ohio State Men results 
OSU def. CSU, 20-7 (S: 8, F: 4, E: 8)
OSU def. MSU, 26-2 (S: 9, F: 7, E: 9)
OSU def. Oberlin, 23-1 (S: 5, F: 9, E: 9)
OSU def. Michigan, 25-2 (S: 8, F: 9, E: 8)
OSU def. Denison, 25-2 (S: 7, F: 9, E: 9)
OSU def. Indiana, 26-1 (S: 9, F: 9, E: 8)
OSU def. Florida, 25-2 (S: 9, F: 8, E: 8)
OSU def. Case Western Reserve, 24-3 (S: 8, F: 9, E: 7)