January 20, 2020

Buckeyes Dominate at Camp Perry Open


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PORT CLINTON, Ohio — The Ohio State pistol team traveled north to compete in the Camp Perry Open. It is a two-day event in which the athletes shoot only air pistol. Ohio State was split into three teams all consisting of three people — The Ohio State Team, OSU Scarlet and OSU Grey. Each person competed on the indivual level as well.

Amanda Ackerman set a personal best by scoring a 532 giving her fifth place in the Junior Indivudal Event. Additional highlights include The Ohio State team of Katelyn Abeln, Samuel Gens and Shrenik Jain taking first place, OSU Scarlet coming in at third place and OSU Grey scoring sixth place. Abeln secured first place in the Junior Individual Event and third in the Open Indivdual Event while Jain earned second place in the Junior Indivdual Event and seventh in the Open Indivual Event. Additionally, Gens received second place in the Open Indvidual Event.



Abeln, Jain and Ackerman all qualified for and competed in the Junior Final. Abeln, Gens and Jain earned spots in the Open Final as well.

Next up for Ohio State is a team match Akron this upcoming Saturday (Jan. 25).