COLUMBUS, Ohio–The Ohio State men’s basketball team are wearing new Nike uniforms for its home game against Penn State Jan. 15. 

The jerseys have “Ohio State” across the front in scarlet outlined in gray.  In addition they have a scarlet, gray and black pinstripe on the shoulders that go down the side of the jersey and continue onto the shorts.

A key feature is the unique custom area on the back of the jersey that was designed by Nike and the Ohio State coaching staff. 

Inspired by the history and tradition of The Ohio State University and the state of Ohio, the back features a picture of the state and the year 1870 within the boundaries indicating the year the university was founded.

Also depicted on the back is The William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library.

Thad Matta, head coach of the Buckeyes, was adamant an academic building be featured on the jersey to make certain the team continues to recognize the meaning behind the term “student-athlete” each time the team takes the floor.

After consulting with Dr. E. Gordon Gee, Ohio State president, it was decided the library would be the most appropriate building. 

Other features on the back include stars inspired by the State of Ohio Flag as well as multiple Buckeye Leaves.  Up to this point, the team was wearing a style of uniform last debuted at the Big Ten tournament in 2007.