March 20, 2014

NCAA’s Day One Results 

COLUMBUS, Ohio- The Ohio State fencing team finished in third place for the first day of the 2014 NCAA Fencing Championships, which consisted of the first three rounds of women’s competition.

Junior Mona Shaito started strong ranking second after the first round of women’s foil.  Shaito won 12 of her 15 bouts, ending the day in third place, tallying 57 touches scored and a +19 indicator. Freshman Alanna Goldie climbed three spots after the second round to end the day ranked eighth, with ten victories and a +16 indicator.

In women’s sabre, both fencers gained momentum throughout the day. Alexa Antipas advanced eight spots after the second round to finish the third round in fifth place, accumulating ten victories and 59 touches scored. Celina Merza advanced seven spots between the second and third round to finish in eighth place. Merza tallied 62 touches scored with a +10 indicator to end with nine victories.

In women’s epee, Caroline Piasecka finished in 11th place, with seven victories and 51 touches scored. Freshman Eugenia Falqui finished 22th after picking up three victories in the third round. Her performance was highlighted by a victory over Vivian Kong from Stanford, who was ranked first at the end of today’s competition. 

The Ohio State fencing team finished in third, behind Princeton and Penn State, with 53 total victories. The squad tallied 334 touches scored with a +44 indicator.

Competition resumes tomorrow at 9 a.m. with rounds 4-5 of women’s competition in French Field House. Women’s semifinals and final bouts will be held in St. John Arena, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Men’s competition begins Saturday, 9:30 a.m., in French Field House. 

2014 NCAA Championships
Rounds 1-3 of women’s competition

Women’s Foil
3 Mona Shaito
8 Alanna Goldie

Women’s Epee
11 Caroline Piasecka
22 Eugenia Falqui

Women’s Sabre
5 Alexa Antipas
8 Celina Merza