Nov. 13, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Buckeyes finished competition at the Division 1 North American Cup in Cleveland, Monday.

Five of the 30 Ohio State fencers competing earned Top-25 finishes, highlighted by a bronze medal from freshman Eleanor Harvey in women’s foil. Kristian Boyadzhiev spearheaded the men’s unit with an 18th place finish in men’s epee, making this his second consecutive year with the top Buckeye performance among the men’s unit. Senior Rhys Douglas, 20, rounded out Top-25 finishes for the men’s unit, while junior Mai Shaito and freshman Eugenia Falqui earned 20th and 23rd finishes, respectively, for the women’s unit.

The Buckeyes also sent 15 swashbucklers to the Junior North American Cup competition, five of which garnered a Top-25 performance. Eleanor Harvey led all Buckeyes with a second place finish in women’s foil, while Iñaki de Guzman followed closely with a third place finish in men’s epee. Freshmen Ryan Tomlinson and Julian Johnson earned 22nd and 15th place finishes in men’s epee, respectively. Alexa Antipas earned the final Top-25 finish, 22, in women’s sabre.

The Ohio State fencers will return to the strips on Nov. 23 when they compete in the Penn-Princeton Invitational in Philadelphia.

November North American Cup
Nov. 8-11, 2013

Division I
Women’s Epee
Becca Rutan 111
Eugenia Falqui 23

Women’s Foil
Mai Shaito 20
Taylor McIntyre 105
Kyjah Coryat 31
Eleanor Harvey 3T

Women’s Sabre
Celina Merza 62
Sterling Streb 123
Alexa Antipas 53

Men’s Epee
Matt Bogard 32
Kristian Boyadzhiev 18
Bill Meyer 55
Shawn Marshman 268
Iñaki de Guzman 44
Joe Guinan 98
Michael Billinghurst III 172
Ryan Tomlinson 182
Alec Walker 166
Nikita Segalchik 237T
Julian Johnson 72

Men’s Foil
Samuel Hardwicke-Brown 38
Andrew McDonald 153
Chris Colley 54
John Vivian 179T
Taylor Clarkson 108
Michael Hastings-Grgas 130

Men’s Sabre
Rhys Douglas 20
Ben Theeman 122T
Nitikorn Dornjandaeng 63
Andy Choi 124

Women’s Foil
Taylor McIntyre 58
Kyjah Coryat 75
Eleanor Harvey 2

Women’s Sabre
Alexa Antipas 22

Men’s Epee
Iñaki de Guzman 3T
Joe Guinan 78
Michael Billinghurst III 72T
Ryan Tomlinson 22T
Alec Walker 86T
Nikita Segalchik 136T
Julian Johnson 15

Men’s Foil
Taylor Clarkson 103T
Michael Hastings-Grgas 126

Men’s Sabre
Ben Theeman 79
Andy Choi 52