March 12, 2022

Buckeyes Compete at & Host NCAA Midwest Regionals


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The Ohio State fencing team competed at and hosted the 2022 NCAA Fencing Midwest Regional Saturday at French Field House on the campus of Ohio State University. A full complement of Buckeyes – 12 women; 12 men – competed in the three disciplines for the opportunity to advance to the NCAA Championships, set for March 24-27 at the University of Notre Dame.

Five Buckeyes landed on the podium, led by Camilla Rivano, who won the foil competition. Third-place awards went to Julieta Toledo on saber, Roscoe Swartz on saber, Diego Cervantes on foil and Bence Bende on epee.

The competition included men’s and women’s fencers from Ohio State, Cleveland State, Detroit Mercy, Lawrence, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Wayne State, plus the women’s field also included fencers from Denison and Northwestern.

NCAA Championship qualifiers are still to be determined. Each region is allocated a certain number of spots. This year, the Midwest Region has four NCAA allocations in men’s and women’s epee, men’s and women’s sabre and men’s foil and five in women’s foil. All six weapons have two national at-large spots each. Qualification to the NCAA Championships is based 40 percent on regular season results and 60 percent on NCAA regional finish.

NCAA selections will be announced at 3 p.m. Tuesday via press release on


Julieta Toledo, runner-up at these regionals in 2020, led the way for the women, finishing in third-place with an 8-3 record in the pool competition. Eleonore Perrier was next highest finisher for Ohio State, taking sixth. On the men’s side, Roscoe Swartz, a two-time podium finisher including the winner in 2020, placed third, winning 10 of 12 bouts, and Nolan Williams was fourth with a 9-3 record.


3rd – Roscoe Swartz

4th – Nolan Williams

6th – Jack Price

7th – Stephen Chou


3rd – Julieta Toledo

6th – Eleonore Perrier

8th – Evie Bustamante

9th – Stephanie Miller


The women were led by Montserrat Viveros and Yeva Mazur with fourth and fifth-place finishes, respectively. Viveros was 11-3 in the competition and Mazur finished with a 9-5 record on the day. Bence Bende went 8-3 in his bouts and earned a third-place podium finish. Gabriel Feinberg was fourth with a 7-4 record.


3rd – Bence Bende

4th – Gabriel Feinberg

6th – Paul Veltrup

T13th – Henry Lange


4th – Montserrat Viveros

5th – Yeva Mazur

7th – Karina Dyner

10th – Kelly Feng


After taking silver in both 2019 and 2020, Camilla Rivano defeated 12 of her 13 opponents and captured gold to lead Ohio State. Alina Lee finished just off the podium in fifth after posting a 10-3 record. For the men, Diego Cervantes won 10 of 13 bouts to place on the podium at third. Edriss Ndiaye and Nathan Wriedt each went 9-4 on the day and finished fifth and sixth, respectively.


3rd – Diego Cervantes

5th – Edriss Ndiaye

6th – Nathan Wriedt

7th – Justin Vogler


1st – Camilla Rivano

5th – Alina Lee

7th – Claire-Teresa Galavotti

8th – Miranda Freedman