February 17, 2020

Buckeyes Come Out on Top at U of A Open Meet


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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State once again had a successful weekend, this time traveling to sunny Arizona for the U of A open meet. Ohio State synchro took first overall in the competition with 94 points ahead of University of the Incarnate Word (90), University of Arizona (66.5) and Northern Arizona University (49). The Buckeyes brought their best, with the Scarlet squad producing strong performances across all categories. Camryn Carrasco, Phoebe Coffin, Nikki Dzurko, Rose Homoelle, Paige Hopper, Laila Huric, Rachel Jager and Cassie Neeley represented Ohio State Scarlet in the team category. The squad also participated in the figure competition and the solo, duet and trio categories. 

University of the Incarnate Word proved to be a fierce competitor, topping the Buckeyes in trio to end Ohio State’s undefeated streak in the category. The Cardinals took fourth place in the overall institution category at U.S. Collegiate Nationals last year. Ohio State synchro still remains undefeated in solo, duet and team on the season.

The Buckeyes took spots 2-5 in A Figures. Cassie Neeley (79.479) was the highest-scoring Buckeye in the category followed by Nikki Dzurko (79.3069), Laila Huric (77.8493)  and Rachel Jager (76.5762). Neeley was edged by Juliana Damico from University of the Incarnate Word for first place in A Figures. Rose Homoelle was the winner in B Figures with a score of 70.9830.



  1. Nikki Dzurko – 78.7667
  2. Natalie Vega (University of the Incarnate Word) – 78.1333
  3. Olivia Schafer – 73.0


  1. Nikki Dzurko and Laila Huric – 77.4
  2. Juliana Damico and Natalie Vega (University of the Incarnate Word) – 75.6
  3. Phoebe Coffin and Rose Homoelle – 74.4667


  1. Juliana Damico, Greta Hampson and Natalie Vega (University of Incarnate Word) – 75.5
  2. Rachel Jager, Cassie Neeley and Laila Huric – 74.5
  3. Rebecca Barlow, Natalie LaGrone and Alec McGee (University of the Incarnate Word) – 73.73


  1. The Ohio State University, Scarlet – 78.2
  2. University of the Incarnate Word – 76.3
  3. University of Arizona – 68.7


UP NEXT: The Buckeyes will take another road trip, this time to visit Yale and Wheaton College, for their second dual-meet weekend.

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