February 9, 2020

Buckeyes Come Out on Top at Home


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COLUMBUS, Ohio–Ohio State hosted Akron and Purdue this weekend in Collegiate Sectionals match. The scores from sectionals events are submitted as a qualification score for the national championships. The Buckeyes topped both Akron and Purdue with an Open score of 6,521 (Purdue 5,972; Akron 5,866).

Ohio State 6,521 (2,179 air | 2,198 sport | 2,144 standard)
Purdue 5,972 (2,013 air | 2,082 sport | 1,877 standard)
Akron 5,866 (2,037 air | 2,014 sport | 1,815 standard)

No team contested a complete women’s team score but the Buckeyes did post a 1,580 total in sport pistol.

Some notable highlights in the win include Katelyn Abeln placing first in both Open and Women’s sport pistol, Robert Delagrange shooting a new personal best putting him in second in sport pistol and Samuel Gens coming in at third in sport pistol. Gens also placed first in air pistol. Shrenik Jain earned first in standard pistol, while Cade Haiby took second and Delagrange came in at third in standard pistol. Finally, Amanda Ackerman won first place in Women’s air pistol and Grace Praisler received third in that same event.

Overall, the team took five of the top six spots in standard pistol as well as all five Buckeyes placing in the top ten in Open air pistol.


The team will travel to West Point, N.Y. for their final match before the Intercollegiate Pistol Championships versus Army and Coast Guard next weekend.




Ohio State Buckeyes

Air Pistol: first place Samuel Gens, second place Cade Haiby, third place Robert Delagrange

Ohio State Buckeyes

Standard Pistol: first place Shrenik Jain, second place Cade Haiby, third place Robert Delagrange

Ohio State Buckeyes

Open Sport Pistol: first place Katelyn Abeln, second place Robert Delagrange, third place Samuel Gens

Ohio State Buckeyes

Women’s Air Pistol: first place Amanda Ackerman

Ohio State Buckeyes

Women’s Sport Pistol: first place Katelyn Abeln