September 29, 2022

🗣️ Buckeyes Chat with the Media Ahead of the Rutgers Game


Ohio State met with the media following Wednesday’s practice to discuss team progress ahead of Saturday’s competition against Rutgers.

SAF Ronnie Hickman

On seeing younger guys’ have their moment:
“I’m at ease knowing they can do it in front of 105,000 people, now it’s just a matter of okay you’ve done your job, let’s get better at it.”

On what OSU’s defense is reinforcing this week:
“Our competition is us. We come into this building and we try to be the best version of ourselves and beat who we were yesterday. That’s been our mindset this whole season and we’re just honing in on it this week.”

SAF Joshua Proctor

On freshman Sonny Styles:
“He’s different. I call him a man child. That’s my nickname for him. He’s built different and looks different. All in all, he’s very mature for his age. He came in mentally ready. It wasn’t like you had to show him or teach him a lot.”

On coming back from injury:
“[Wisconsin] was probably the first time I really felt like myself. I’m not sure if it was just my mindset or thinking or my body feeling a certain type of way but I just feel like I got out there and played like myself finally, having fun and jumping around.”

On Rutgers coach Greg Schiano:
“He recruits dogs. He wants to know that when it’s time to get gritty and dirty, you’re not running from it and you’re not shying away from it. I think that’s the kind of mentality he took to Rutgers.”

JT Tuimoloau, DE

On the pressure the defense brings:
“Coach J always preaches to do your job and trust your brothers. The front four has to set the tone. You have to just do your job, simple as that.”

On supporting the other DEs:
“There’s 11 of us out there. My brother makes a play, we all make the play. We all have to work together. It can’t be a one man show. It’s all of us. We all have to do our job.”

On the front four’s development:
“We’ve learned off each other. We all just try to collect information and add it to our toolbox or add it to our bag. We go out there and perform and play our ball.”

Jyaire Brown, CB

On his mentality on the field:
“I think that confidence comes from just practicing everyday, going against the best receivers everyday, seeing the best that you can see. Getting games like that are good because other opponents neutralize that because we see the best in the business everyday in Zone 6. I just try to use that to my advantage… nobody else we play is as good as Zone 6.”

On his preparation for his first start:
“We practice how we play, we practice at a high energy, high speed. Me getting in that situation was just slowing down and going out and playing how I practice.”

On Denzel Burke’s advice to him for his first start:
“He just told me to go out there, play with confidence, and do my job.”

Taron Vincent, DT

“It gives the whole defensive line confidence that I’m filling my gap and the line backer is filling his shooting downhill playing team ball.”

On Coach Knowles:
“Coach Knowles is a cool coach. You can talk to him, if you have questions about the defense. What we’re doing, why we’re doing it, he has answers for you. That’s something new to me, and something I haven’t really had in the past.”

On how he’s evolved since ND:
“My confidence is through the roof. I just feel like double teams, single block, none of us on the d-line can be blocked.”