October 6, 2022

🗣️ Buckeyes Chat with the Media Ahead of Road Game vs. Michigan State


Ohio State players met with media after practice to discuss team progress as they prepare to travel to Michigan State for their first road game of the season.

LB Tommy Eichenberg

On Michigan State’s performance so far this season:

“We try not to pay attention to how well they do. We know that every team is good and every offensive is good too. You can’t go into it lightly.”

On the team’s relationship with Coach Knowles:

“When he got here, we all trusted him. We went through the spring and summer with him being around, and then with the fall, we’ve really been through a lot with him before the season even started. We just tried to build that relationship and build that trust in the off-season so once the season got started, we knew we could trust him.”

WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

On how traveling bonds the team:

“Just traveling together, really talking and having conversations, I think that, in part, helps our chemistry on the field.”

On CJ Stroud’s attitude following his recent games:

“He’s a perfectionist like we all are… We just hold ourselves to that high of a standard that when we don’t make those plays it kind of bums us out.”

On Michigan State:

“They’re a tough team… we know they’re definitely a better team than what their record shows, so we’re going to have to bring our A game.”

OT Paris Johnson

On Miyan Williams’ runs:

“Any time you’re blocking somebody downfield and you see somebody blow past your face or you see those little legs going, you get hyped. You get a chance to celebrate for 40 yards. When there are runs like that, it definitely sparks you up.”

On his transition to tackle this season:

“It’s only been five games, and I know I still have a lot of things I want to improve on. I feel like that’s also the exciting part; I’m starting to see that success, but there’s things I still need to upgrade and improve on.”

On new insights brought by Coach Frye:

“We’ve worked thousands of reps all the way since they got here until now. The biggest thing that we’ve spent a lot of time on is the mental aspect.”

DE Jack Sawyer

On his performance compared to Zach Harrison:

“I think we’re both dangerous… I think us working together, me being on the edge and him being on his side at the same time creates a deadly combination along with JT and the rest of the guys as well.”

On play making not being reflected in the box score:

“I think everybody on the defense has kind of got to get used to that. Some games, we’re going to make a bunch of plays… Sometimes our name may not get called a lot but that’s just how it is. We’ve got to keep playing, playing as a unit.”

TE Cade Stover

On what the team will learn about themselves this weekend in their first road game:

“We’re going to see how well we gel together… When things go bad on the road, it’s easier to bicker at each other and stuff like that. I think we’ve got a really great team and I don’t think stuff like that is going to happen. I think we’re going to go up there and we’re going to have a nice game.”

On the value of the first road game of the season:

“It’s important. We’re going to be tested up there. We’re not going to be comfortable in our home stadium here, so we’re excited to go see what we can do up there and what we’re made of on the road.”

WR Emeka Egbuka

On the team mentality:

“As long as we’re getting wins and we keep moving forward as a team, we’re good with anything that comes.”

On the muffed punt against Rutgers:

“It did bother me. I feel like I’m a really competitive person. Something I’ve been working on is moving onto the next play and getting out of my head. I’ve been focusing on that next play mentally. It’s something that I’ve thought about and it’s something that we continue to work during  the week just so we’re never in that situation again.”

On his performance as a receiver this year:

“You come to Ohio State to learn from great receivers and a great receiver coach with all the great things they were able to do last year. I personally think it’s wide receiver U.”