January 9, 1999

COLUMBUS, OHIO – The Ohio State Buckeyes had a successful Saturday afternoon at Brown University, defeating Navy, 27-6, and Brown, 25-12, in dual match action.

%^$Leading the way for Ohio State yet again was Robert Sessley (So., Columbus, Ohio). Wrestling at 133 pounds, Sessley won both of his matches on the day to run his record to a team-best 21-7. He has won 12 of his last 15 matches since the beginning of December.

%^$Also having perfect days for Ohio State were Keaton Anderson (Fr., Pickerington, Ohio), Jeff Bucher (Sr., Toledo, Ohio), Brian Roskovich (Jr., Bridgeport, Ohio) and Peter Rogers (Jr., Sheboygan, Wis.). The day for Anderson and Bucher was especially pleasing due to the fact that they were making their return from injuries which have hampered them throughout much of the last month. Anderson, currently ranked No. 16 by Intermat Magazine, has put up a record of 13-2 in his rookie campaign while Bucher’s mark improved to 11-4.

%^$The Buckeyes (6-3, 0-0 Big Ten) return home to host No. 24 Pittsburgh on Saturday, January 16, at 2 pm in St. John Arena.


%^$Navy 6%^$Ohio State 27%^$%^$125 lbs – No. 15 Matt Fratta, Ohio State maj. dec. Jason Homestead, Navy 10-2

%^$133 lbs – No. 18 Robert Sessley, Ohio State dec. Zane Stickel, Navy 8-3

%^$141 lbs – No. 16 Keaton Anderson, Ohio State dec. Don Waters, Navy 10-4

%^$149 lbs – Jeff Bucher, Ohio State dec. Kevin Milligan, Navy 7-3

%^$157 lbs – Brian Roskovich tech. fall Tyrone Neal, Navy 17-0

%^$165 lbs – No. 17 Peter Rogers dec. Karl Haywood, Navy 9-4

%^$174 lbs – Bo James, Ohio State dec. Grant Whitmer, Navy 9-3

%^$184 lbs – No. 10 Greg Gingeleskie, Navy dec. Nick Preston, Ohio State 3-1

%^$197 lbs – No. 19 Justin Woodruff, Navy dec. Brad Todd, Ohio State 9-6

%^$HWT – Eric Wood, Ohio State dec. James Paxton, Navy 3-2


%^$Brown 12%^$Ohio State 25%^$%^$125 lbs – Kore Sharpley, Ohio State tech. fall Rubin Sequaitan, Brown 23-7

%^$133 lbs – No. 18 Robert Sessley, Ohio State dec. James Castanetta, Brown 7-3

%^$141 lbs – No. 16 Keaton Anderson, Ohio State tech. fall Brad Groover, Brown 19-4

%^$149 lbs – Jeff Bucher, Ohio State dec. Jason Mercado, Brown 5-2

%^$157 lbs – Brian Roskovich, Ohio State dec. Chris Ayers, Brown 7-3

%^$165 lbs – No. 17 Peter Rogers, Ohio State dec. Nick Almeida, Brown 5-2

%^$174 lbs – Brad McDonald, Brown dec. Bo James, Ohio State 6-1

%^$184 lbs – No. 13 Nate Burroughs, Brown dec. Nick Preston, Ohio State 3-1

%^$197 lbs – Brad Todd, Ohio State dec. Rich Grant, Brown 12-5

%^$HWT – Bronson Lingamfelter, Brown dec. Eric Wood, Ohio State 2-1