May 10, 2019

Buckeye Summer Update


The Ohio State swimming & diving team is keeping busy this summer, taking advantage of the many opportunities offered to student-athletes in order to develop leadership, life skills and professional experience.

Bucks Go International – Costa Rica
Kathrin Demler and Ali House are two out of 15 student-athletes on a Bucks Go International service-learning trip to Costa Rica. Student-athletes will facilitate sports activities with local youth, serve at a food bank and participate in a beach clean-up while participating in other service projects. In addition, the Buckeyes are slated to participate in a variety of cultural immersion activities and educational opportunities.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Hear from Ali and Kathrin on different days of the trip:

Wolstein Leadership Retreat
46 student-athletes hit the road to Camp Damascus in Centerburg, Ohio, Monday morning to take part in the Wolstein Leadership Academy (May 6-8). Buckeyes from all sports took a step away from athletics and academics to sharpen their leadership skills as part of the Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute.

The spring retreat is a leadership intensive, three-day, two-night retreat. While at the retreat, student-athletes participate in a variety of leadership discussions, activities, and guest speakers.

Through the Wolstein Challenge, student-athletes are tasked with implementing their new skills through high-energy activities that simulate athletic competition. Additionally, five leadership sessions are offered throughout the academic year to foster continuous leadership growth.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Huntington Bucks Go Pro 1.0
Quinn DeVal and Lara Tarvit are members of the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 1.0 class this summer, interning with the Athletics Department, on campus and with organizations off campus. DeVal, a computer science & engineering major, will work with the Information Technology department, while Tarvit, a human resource management major, will be placed with the Human Resources department.

The Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute’s most tenured program, the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 1.0 Internship program runs eight weeks over the summer and allows student-athletes to gain important hands-on professional experience. The program incorporates an educational curriculum focused on areas such as networking, leadership and personal finance. Furthermore, the program expands student-athletes’ scope by participating in site visits with local Columbus employers.

Quinn Deval (men’s diving | Information Technology)
Career Goal: Pursue a career in the field of cybersecuity, helping to make all networks safer for people to use.
Internship Expectation: Learn many of the professional aspects of a job and have experience in a professional work setting

Lara Tarvit (women’s diving | Human Resources)
Career Goal: Have a successful and fulfilling career in human resources with the ultimate goal of becoming a chief human resources
officer at a multinational corporation.
Internship Expectation: Gain professional experience in the HR field and begin building essential skills that will serve me for the duration of my career.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2.0
Eight athletes are taking part in the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 2.0 program, gaining work experience with corporate partners outside of the University. Together with the Huntington Bucks Go Pro 1.0, the two internship programs provide a record-breaking 103 paid internships exclusively for Ohio State student-athletes.

Laura Banks (women’s swimming | Nationwide Children’s Hospital)
Intern Title: Research Intern in Nationwide Childen’s Hospital Department of Otolaryngology
Career Goal: Be a physician.
“Nationwide Children’s Hospital is generously providing me an incredibly unique and critical opportunity to research in the field of pediatric otolaryngology. The opportunity to gain both shadowing and research experience in this field provides interns with the chance to apply our scientific inquiry skills in a real-life scenario. I am very excited to problem-solve and compile data to provide potential solutions to both the questions and complications within the field of pediatric otolaryngology.”

Carson Burt (men’s swimming | Huntington)
Intern Title: Market Risk Intern
Career Goal: Work in the finance industry.
“I wanted to work for Huntington because I am a finance major and what better way to be introduced to the world of finance than by such a strong and established company such as Huntington? I have had nothing but good experiences with Huntington and am eager to have the opportunity to see what part of the operations of a bank I enjoy.”

Kendyl Ferrara (women’s swimming | Serif Creative)
Intern Title: Student Intern
Career Goal: Social Media, Advertising, Public Relations.
“Initially, I noticed that here was a position for a strategic communications intern, which is my major. I then interviewed with the CEO, Doug, and became interested in assisting with the projects they were working on at the time.”

Quinn Fike (women’s swimming | Mount Carmel Health System)
Intern Title: Student Intern
Career Goal: Obtain my Masters degree in Healthcare Administration and run a hospital.
“I am very interested in healthcare systems and Mount Carmel is one of the best institutions in the state of Ohio.”

Molly Kowal (women’s swimming | MKSK Columbus)
Intern Title: Accounting Intern
Career Goal: Work in the field of accounting.
“I would love to learn more about what accountants do in the office on a daily basis and learn how to put the skills I have to use in a practical setting.”

Devin Landstra (women’s swimming | Pelotonia)
Intern Title: Marketing and Social Media Intern
Career Goal: I would love to work on a marketing team or in sales.
“Pelotonia stood out to me because everyone is so determined to help change the world. I love Columbus and I am excited to see how the community comes together for an amazing purpose.”

Henrique Painhas (men’s swimming | eRetailing Associates LLC)
Intern Title: Software Engineer Intern
Career Goal: Work for one of the Big X companies and eventually start my own tech company.
“I really liked the environment at the company, the way they work and how the company is run. The staff was very welcoming when I toured and I’m looking forward to this summer.”

Taylor Petrak (women’s swimming | Watershed Distillery)
Intern Title: Summer Intern
Career Goal: Marketing, sales, merchandising, or creative position at a retail company.
“I am excited for the opportunity to oversee many specializations within such a large business.”

Ohio State Buckeyes