April 30, 2014

2014 Study Abroad Program

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Following their competition schedules of the 2013-14 academic calendar, nine Ohio State student-athletes will be traveling this summer as part of the Ohio State Study Abroad Program. Overall, the international study abroad group is comprised of four women and five men from nine different varsity programs, traveling to seven different countries.

Buckeye student-athletes studying abroad this year include:

Name Sport Country
Seth Bearjar Pistol Morocco
Christopher Colley Fencing South Africa/Zimbabwe
Devin Hill Football Uganda
Jeremy Hitchens Spirit Program China
Andrian McAdams M. Soccer China
Katie Mitchell W. Volleyball United Kingdom
Rachel Mullaney Pistol New Zealand
Megan Scoliere W. Soccer New Zealand
Emily Ziegler W. Track Brazil

Below is a synopsis on each student-athlete and their study abroad program.

Seth Bearjar | PISTOL

A freshman on the Ohio State pistol team, Seth was a member of the 2014 NRA Championship team where he competed as a member of the third-place open air pistol team and earned Second Team All-American honors in both free pistol and air pistol. An Ohio State Scholar-Athlete and Industrial and Systems Engineering major, Seth will be studying abroad in Morocco as a member of the Global May Morocco program.


Junior Chris Colley will be traveling to South Africa and Zimbabwe to study the culture, society and history of South Africa. The Portland, Ore., product competed the NCAA Fencing Championship for the third time this year earning No. 15 finish in men’s foil. On the trip this summer, Colley will have opportunities to visit the Zulu tribe, learn some of their language and go on a safari.

“I wanted to go to an exotic place where I where I would not likely have an opportunity to go again in my life. I also wanted to visit a place that I had very little knowledge of.”

Devin Hill | FOOTBALL

Devin Hill is a junior on the football team and majoring in Agribusiness and Applied Economics. A native of Columbus, Devin will be traveling to Uganda and taking classes at Kampala University. In addition to his many activities, he will be visiting children at local schools, going on safari trips and taking a cruise along the Nile river.

“I’m a huge animal lover so I look forward to the safari trip and I am very excited to learn more about the culture and history of this part of Africa. I also look forward to donating books to the local school and reading to the children while there.”


Jeremy Hitchens is a senior from Tipp City, Ohio, who is in his second season as a member of the Spirit Program. A marketing and pre-med major, Hitchens will be studying abroad in China, hoping to learn more about its rich and unique culture. Hitchens was in the 2012-2013 Health Care Cluster and has been an international student mentor for the past three years.

“I hope to one day start a non-profit health organization where I can travel the world and help those who are less fortunate. I believe this program will help with my interpersonal skills and help make me a more globally competent individual. I hope I can use this experience to better relate to all different types of people and I can learn what it’s like to live in another country.”

Jane Lankes | RIFLE

A native of Clarence, N.Y., Jane is a junior on the Ohio State rifle team. She is a two-time Ohio State Scholar-Athlete majoring in Psychology. She competed for the Buckeyes at the inaugural Patriot Rifle Conference Championship and the NCAA Qualifier in 2014. She fired a personal-best 565 in smallbore in 2013.

“I chose the Warsaw Study Abroad program because of its focus on social sciences and research. I’m so excited to learn and work in a research lab right in the heart of Poland’s capital, and I’m interested in seeing how Warsaw politics function on a sociological level. From this experience, I hope to become a better researcher in general and learn more about Polish culture.”

Andrian McAdams | M. SOCCER

Andrian is a junior goalie on the men’s soccer team and is traveling to China for his study-abroad program. A native of Oberlin, Ohio, Andrian has been studying public health at Ohio State and decided on China because of its enormous population that varies drastically depending on location in the country. Andrian has created a personalized study program as his major, which has allowed him to incorporate classes from exercise science, nutrition and public health. In his study abroad program, Andrian will be attending lectures, speaking with students who attend the University of Dalian, China where he will spend the majority of his time.

“Studying Public Health at OSU, I really wanted the study abroad program that I got involved in to reflect what I’ve been learning in classes and would allow me to apply my skills to the real world in an area I haven’t seen before. Spending time in China will be a wonderful experience and I hope to gain a better understanding of their culture, how public health is viewed in their society, and how the role of health care in general compares to ours in the United States.”

Katie Mitchell | W. VOLLEYBALL

Katie is a sophomore Pre-Nursing major from Texas that loves to travel and see the world. She will be heading to central London to study abroad with Global May Britain: Introduction to the History, Politics and Culture of Great Britain. Katie hopes the experience will further her understanding of the United States’ roots and the royal history of Great Britain, as well as expose her to a new culture.

“I have plans to travel abroad after college as well, specifically to Europe. This adventure will help prepare me for my future.”

Rachael Mullaney | PISTOL

An environmental engineering major, Rachael is in her junior year at Ohio State. A two-year member of the pistol team, Rachael was a part of the 2014 NRA Championship squad. A two-time Ohio State Scholar-Athlete, Rachael will study abroad in New Zealand where her group will focus on Sustaining Human Societies and the Environment.

Megan Scoliere | W. SOCCER

Megan Scoliere is a redshirt sophomore majoring in middle childhood education. After graduation, she hopes to use her degree to teach grades 4-9. She plans on applying to Teach for America this fall in hopes of being accepted next summer and having a full time job with them. When studying abroad, she hopes to gain an appreciation for other cultures while also learning how the environment influences your learning. New Zealand has such a unique climate and she’s excited to see how different geographical regions interact with their environment in different ways.

Emily Ziegler | W. TRACK

Emily Ziegler is in her first season with the women’s track and field program. She is a 2014 Ohio State Scholar-Athlete and recently ran at the 2014 Jesse Owens Track Classic as an unattached competitor. The Attica, N.Y. native transferred to Ohio State after spending her freshman season with the Ithaca College track and field team where she was the New York State Collegiate Track and Field Conference champion in the heptathlon.