April 18, 2016

It’s been a big year so far for 5-9, 185-pound third baseman Nick Sergakis. A 2016 co-captain and native of Columbus, Ohio, Sergakis is leading the Big Ten in doubles (14) and total bases (90) with the Buckeyes sitting at a 24-12-1 overall record and 4-5 mark in league action. On the diamond, he’s known as a scrappy, dirt-bag ball player. As a junior, he made SportsCenter’s Top Play after diving stop at the hot corner in a ranked home win over Louisville. He holds a .310 career batting average with 91 runs scored, 31 doubles, nine home runs, 71 RBI in 125 career starts. Off the field, a logistics management major and 2016 OSU Scholar-Athlete, the Buckeye leader in the clubhouse also has a pretty good sense of humor too. Read his student-athlete spotlight below:

Student Life

What is the best time of year on campus?
Best time of year on campus is definitely football season. The weather is beautiful and everything is fresh after getting back from summer break. I love baseball season, of course, but in the beginning of the season we are travelling more than we are on campus.

What is your preferred mode of transportation to class?
I drive to class and park right next to the Fisher College of Business.

What has been your favorite or most interesting class at OSU?
It’s going to sound ridiculous but my favorite class I took was my transportation class. It was just about business transportation works through the supply chain but my teacher was what made it my favorite. He is the GOAT [Greatest of All Time].

If you had to give an incoming student advice, what would it be?
Take care of your business, but don’t be afraid to have your fun.

Pop Culture

What social media do you prefer the most?
I am a big twitter guy. I don’t really tweet that often but I get a lot of good stuff from there. When I do tweet, it’s usually a “Guess Which Roommate” post, and the answer is usually, Zach Ratcliff.

Which do you watch more: Netflix or TV?
In season, I turn into a hermit and grind through seasons upon seasons of Netflix. Currently I’m finishing up Prison Break, so I could use some suggestions on my next venture.

Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?
Watch the movie. How am I supposed to play phone games and read a book at the same time?

What song can you not help but sing-a-long to?
If I know the words to a song, you bet I’m singing it. If I had to pick one specifically its March Madness by Future, honestly I doubt all the words that I sing are the right ones but whatever.

What was the last movie that you saw in theaters?
Deadpool, and it was probably my favorite movie of all-time.


When is your favorite time of your sport’s season?
May, when we are out of school and still playing baseball. The weather is beautiful, and all we have to think about is going out and ambushing pitchers. What a time.

Which team do you most look forward to competing against?
Had I been asked this question before the season started it would have been Coastal Carolina, but since that moment has come and passed I’ll say the old team up north.

Do you have any pre-game/match superstitions or rituals?
I’m definitely the most superstitious dude on the team, I’ll only give a couple examples but the list goes on and on. I basically equate everything back to hitting. For example, I shave and clean my bat before every NEW opponent, as beards and bats don’t recognize days but they do recognize teams. I can’t cut my hair, no matter how bad I look, because it has bitten me in the butt before. You could ask my teammates about some other ones.

What is your favorite part about your sport?
Even the best fail 70% of the time, so succeeding feels incredible.

What is your favorite athletic memory?
Turning on SportsCenter and seeing a play that I made come up as #1 on the Top 10. Every little kid when they have a ball in their hand tries to imitate the plays that are on the countdown, its crazy to me that I made it on there for real.


Where is your favorite place to eat at in Columbus?
Genji Japanese Steakhouse

What is the best meal you have ever eaten, and where did you get it from/who made it?
Ruth Chris Steakhouse, just a great meal. I got a couple doubles the next day too so that could be a factor.

Do you have a sweet tooth and if you do, what is your favorite treat?
I try to stay away from sweets but rarely can win that battle. If we are talking candy I go with Swedish Fish. I don’t think I could pick a straight favorite dessert though.


When you are not at practice, what could someone find you doing?
Good chance I’m eating at chipotle, also a good chance I’m arguing with Zach Ratcliff.

Do you have a hidden talent?
Well I am a retired rapper, I even have a song on iTunes, but I’ll let you be the detective and find it though.

If you could play another sport other than yours, what would it be?
Football, no doubt. I’ve always regretted quitting in high school. Although, if I were to play, I’d probably need to either pick up some speed or some height, probably both.

If you won the lottery, what would you do?
I’d donate a house on campus to the baseball team and by house, I mean mansion. I’d also become Batman.

What do you most look forward to doing during the summer?
I’ll probably take a vacation somewhere. It’ll be the first non-baseball trip I will have taken in a long time.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
I’d want to teleport/fly. No more airport security, or rush hour traffic.

Do you have an interesting nickname?
My rapper name was Papou, which is grandfather in Greek, so that’s what my high school friends know me as. I called my grandfather Papou and for some reason someone called me that, so I made it my Xbox live name as a joke and then it stuck.

If you could switch places with anyone on your team for a day, who would you choose?
Jacob Bosiokovic, I’d love to see what the weather’s like up there.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Whatever you do, work to be the best at it.

If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?
I’d like be there when aliens invade (if they do invade), or when the world ends. Just to see it, and have those questions answered.

Would you be the first O, H, I or last O in a picture?
I’d be the “I”, I’m a great “I”

What is your favorite part about being a Buckeye?
Donning the OSU colors is unforgettable, going out there and playing for your hometown team with everyone in the stands cheering you on. I used to come to games when I was younger, and it’s awesome to be on the other side of it now.