April 11, 2017

Buckeye Spotlight – Jaclyn Lee


April 11, 2017

Jaclyn Lee enters the Lady Buckeye Spring Invitational (Apr. 15-16) finishing as the top OSU performer in three of the last four tournaments and ranking second overall on the team with a 73.18 stroke average. The sophomore from Calgary, Alberta, has missed just one event since arriving in Columbus and been in the Buckeye lineup for 20 of 21 competitions. She also earned All-American scholar recognition following her freshman campaign.

How did you decide to come to OSU?
I wanted to go to a school that had a balance of good academics and athletics. The fact that Ohio State had an amazing indoor facility for the winter months also made the decision to be in the Midwest a little easier.

How long have you been playing golf?
I started playing tournaments when I was 11.

Do you have any pre-tournament superstitions or rituals?
I have too many little superstitions to count/name.

What is the hardest thing about golf?
The fact that you can never be too good and it requires a lot of adaptability since no round is the same.

How do you balance athletics and academics?
I’m still not sure I’ve found the secret yet. I try to be organized and manage my time well, but sometimes I don’t get a lot of sleep either.

What is your major and why did you choose it?
I’m a Finance major and I chose it because I like to work with numbers. I also feel like it’s a great major that will give me lots of options and flexibility after I graduate.

What is your favorite study spot on campus?
Either Younkin, or in my dorm.

What is your favorite class you have taken here so far?
I’d say Rural Sociology with Professor Donnermeyer. He kept class entertaining and engaging … and handed out candy.

What is a fun fact about you that not many people know about?
I did gymnastics for seven years before I picked up golf.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I could always go for a good steak.

Who do you most admire and why?
My parents for how hard they’ve worked throughout their lives and how supportive they are of me through everything.

Describe OSU in one word.

What was your favorite experience at OSU?
My favorite experience so far at OSU is winning the Big Ten Championships last year with my team. It was awesome to see us come together to take home the trophy!