Dec. 11, 2015

Columbus, Ohio— The Ohio State pistol program came into this season as defending national champions, and it’s been another solid start to the season for head coach Donna Knisley’s squad.

Kicking off the year was the Ohio Cup, a two-day event in which the Buckeyes took first place three of the five events they participated in. Freshman standout Irina Andrianova, a national champion last season in the women’s sport pistol, placed first in both the women’s sport and women’s air events. Her scores of 562 and 362, respectively, paced the field in those events. Her teammates Elizabeth Szalajko and Elizabeth Buerling both had stellar weekends as well, with Szalajko coming in second place in both sport (534) and ait (360), while Buerling placed third in both with her scores of 533 and 352. 

Andrianova also shot a 552 in the standard pistol event and Szalajko earned marks of 501 in free pistol and 548 in air pistol. Her three-gun aggregate score of 1564 was fifth in the entire competition. 

The men also had a solid weekend of shooting. First team All-American Seth Bearjar placed first in the air pistol (561) and fourth in the free pistol (512). His three-gun aggregate score of 1562 was sixth-best among all shooters. Teammate Quentin Cauffman, a second team All-American in two events last year, was the top finisher among Buckeyes in terms of three-gun aggregate scoring (1607), finishing second among all shooters behind R. Dan Pauley, who competed unattached.

Ohio State has also competed at the Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs, where it finished first with a score of 6,203 over four other teams.

Ohio Cup Top Finishers
Free Pistol- Mike Soklaski (515, 2nd), Cauffman (515, 3rd)
Standard Pistol-Andrianova (552, 3rd), Cauffman (538, 4th)
Air Pistol- Bearjar (561, 1st), Cauffman (555, 2nd)

Women’s Sport Pistol- Andrianova (562, 1st), Szalajko (534, 2nd)
Women’s Air Pistol- Andrianova (362, 1st), Szalajko (360, 2nd)

2-gun Aggregate- Andrianova (924, 1st), Szalajko (894, 2nd)
3-gun Aggregate- Cauffman (1607, 2nd), Soklaski (1589, 3rd)

Olympic Training Facility Team Scores
Free- 1968, 2nd
Standard- 2025, 2nd
Open Air- 2210, 1st
Sport- 1622, 1st
Women’s Air- 1058, 2nd
Women’s Team Aggregate- 2680, 2nd
Team Aggregate- 6203, 1st