Buckeye Leadership & Team Training

Buckeye Leadership & Team Training (BLTT) is an overnight leadership development and enhancement retreat designed for Ohio State student-athletes to increase awareness of issues related to the difficult decisions and choices confronting them during their college years, and develop the necessary leadership skills in support of making difficult and appropriate decisions.

The goals of BLTT and the retreat are:

        To understand and apply basic leadership definitions into daily living.

        To build a network with other student-athlete leaders.

        To become a confident agent of change.

        To commit to sharing experiences with teammates, coaches, and other leaders.

        To uncap a level of unrealized, personal potential.

A combination of adventure activities such as high ropes, high elements, and ground initiatives, as well as group discussions are utilized to improve communication, build trust, increase self-esteem, and assist in problem solving. Click here for more information on BLTT activities.

Additionally, leadership theories & practices are discussed and applied throughout the retreat. Students and staff are provided with meals and sleep in cabins with running water, and the retreat is open to any student-athlete on a first come, first serve basis.