Buckeye Inclusion

Mission Statement

The athletics department will support The Ohio State University mission by providing quality programs that facilitate inclusive and shared experiences of all those participating, engaging and assisting in athletics programs. The departmental staff is committed to recognizing our remarkable diversity and utilizing our core values to ensure everyone attending or participating in an athletic event feels safe and welcome.

Core Values

Integrity  |  Education  |  People  |  Excellence  |  Respect  |  Innovation  |  Community  |  Tradition

2021-22 Theme: RESPECT

As the Ohio State community comes together for the 2021-22 academic year, Buckeye Inclusion is set to celebrate the theme of RESPECT by featuring how it is embodied by staff, student-athletes and others around campus.

Each month, Buckeye Inclusion will focus on a letter of the word RESPECT with an overall message and theme for how the Department of Athletics embraces this ideal.

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📄 A message from Gene Smith

Racism has been declared a public health crisis; hate has no place in civil society.

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Message to my Beloved Team Members

by Karen Dennis

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💯 Athletic Equality Index

~ Ohio State Athletics scores a ‘100’ rating in the Athletic Equality Index developed by Athlete Ally

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Why Buckeye Inclusion is Important to Us

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Additional Buckeye Inclusion Committee members include:

R.E.G. Subcommittee
Siobhan St. John , Jamie Wood, Kim Heaton, Candice Williams, Kate Lipton, Ashley Pryor, Quinn Barham, Joel Brown

LGBTQIA+ Subcommittee
Belkis Clark (Chair), Jarred Martin, Shaun Richard, Alex Sommer, Cherron Sumler

Gender Subcommittee
Tracy Hedrick (Chair) Paia LaPalombara, Molly Richard, Kate Lipton, Kim Dally-Badgeley, M.A. Wimbush

Big Ten Anti-Hate & Anti-Racism Committee
Gene Smith, Donald Anthony Jr., Dr. John Davidson, Karen Dennis, Jen Flynn Oldenburg, Khadevis Robinson,  Anthony “Tony” White (alumni)

Universities Diversity Leaders and Advocates
Jocelyn Gates