Buckeye Futures

Buckeye Futures is a speaker series with industry and graduate professionals that connect with student-athletes about their journey, passion and various career opportunities.


Pictured above: Women's Lacrosse Catie Beg networking with DSW representative


Buckeye Futures Fair

A career fair exclusively to Ohio State student-athletes, for internship and full-time opportunities. Employers attending intend to hire student-athletes and make meaningful connections to help advance their professional careers.

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Program Overview

Buckeye Futures is a speaker series focused on educating student-athletes on topics that impact them off of the field. Through this program, student-athletes are joined by industry and graduate professionals that discuss their journey, passions and various career opportunities.

Pictured above: Brian L. Rolle


181 student-athletes attended Buckeye Futures during the 2019-20 academic year.

Pictured above: Columbus Women's Fund CEO, Kelley Griesmer