Dec. 9, 2002

Columbus, Ohio-Members of the Ohio State fencing team competed this weekend at the United States Fencing Association North American Cup at the Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Overall, 20 different Buckeyes competed in the individual competition, seven of whom placed in the Top 20 in their respected events.

The event was the first of three North American Cups this season which gives athletes around the world an opportunity to earn a spot on the U.S. team and compete at the World Championships in Havana, Cuba in October 2003.

Louise Bond-Williams (So., Gloucestershire, England), 2002 NCAA runner-up in women’s sabre, finished tied for third in Division I women’s sabre with Caitlin Thompson of Beaverton, Ore. In men’s sabre, Jason Rogers (So., Los Angeles, Calif.) and Adam Crompton (Newark, N. J.) tied for third with assistant coach Terrence Lasker placing fifth and Colin Parker (Jr., Fayetteville, Ga.) 16th. Hanna Thompson (So., Rochester, N.Y.) and Metta Thompson (So., Rochester, N.Y.) finished seventh and 13th, respectively, in Division I women’s foil.

The Buckeyes will be back in action for their first team scoring event Jan. 11-12 at the Northwestern Duals in Evanston, Ill.

Division I Men’s Foil 1. Tiomkin, Jon (23, New York, N.Y.) 2. Kellner, Dan (26, New York, N.Y.) 3T. Kfir, Nitai (19, ISRAEL) 3T. McGuire, Joshua (19, CANADA) 55. Weir, Nathan (30, Kennewick, Wash./O.S.U. ’05) 69. Galanter, Craig (20, El Paso, Texas/O.S.U. ’05) 73. Carbone, Matthew (18, Potomac, Md./O.S.U. ’06) 78. Law, Alex (18, Cincinatti, Ohio/O.S.U. ’06) 116. Ross, Michael (18, El Paso, Texas/O.S.U. ’06)

Division I Women’s Foil 1. Khouade, Irina (20, RUSSIA/St. John’s Univ. ’03) 2. Anguelova-Atanassov, Anna (30, BULGARIA) 3T. Leahy, Jacqueline (17, Aurora, Colo./Princeton ’06) 3T. Cross, Emily (16, New York, N.Y.) 7. Thompson, Hanna (18, Rochester, N.Y./O.S.U. ’05) 13. Thompson, Metta (18, Rochester, N.Y./O.S.U. ’05)

Division I Women’s Sabre 1. Gaillard, Amelia (18, Fayetteville, Ga.) 2. Jacobson, Emily (16, Dunwoody, Ga.) 3T. Thompson, Caitlin (15, Beaverton, Ore.) 3T. Bond-Williams, Louise (20, GREAT BRITAIN/O.S.U. ’05) 35. Latham, Christine (33, Columbus, Ohio) 40. Plehkhanov, Marguerite (18, Montclair, N.J./O.S.U. ’06) 41. Rill, Kristin (18, Columbus, Ohio/O.S.U. ’06) 63. Siebert, Syvenna (17, Columbus, Ohio) 71. Lange, Michelle (19, Waukesha, Wisc./O.S.U. ’06)

Division I Men’s Epee 1. Sobieraj, Michal (POLAND) 2. Wiercioch, Adam (POLAND) 3T. Solomon, Benjamin (19, Chagrin Falls, Ohio) 3T. Thompson, Soren (21, San Deigo, Calif./Princeton ’04) 31. Smerdin, Alexandr (Columbus, Ohio) OSU volunteer assistant coach 70. Jones, William (Fort Leondard, Mo. /O.S.U. ’03) 94. Meidell, Philip (18, Higley, Az./O.S.U. ’06) 122. Jimenez, Ricardo (19, El Paso, Texas/O.S.U. ’05)

Division I Men’s Sabre 1. Lee, Ivan (21, Brooklyn, N.Y.) 2. Morehouse, Timothy (23, Bronx, N.Y.) 3T. Rogers, Jason (19, Los Angeles/O.S.U. ’05) 3T. Crompton, Adam (18, New York, N.Y./O.S.U. ’06) 5. Lasker, Terrence (25, Columbus, Ohio) OSU assistant coach 16. Parker, Colin (20, Fayetteville, Ga./O.S.U. ’05) 35. Siebert, Kitzeln (21, Columbus, Ohio/O.S.U. ’04) 78. Isaacs, Joshua (19, Troy, Mich./O.S.U. ’05)