Matching Gift Option Allows Buckeye Club Members to Make a Big Difference

Want to get more from the Buckeye Club? Ask your employer to do a matching gift in order to support Ohio State student-athletes. By doing a matching gift, you may become eligible for more great Buckeye Club benefits including access to premium parking passes, priority for away and postseason football game and golf-course walk-on privileges!

Most employers will match your charitable contribution to the Buckeye Club dollar for dollar or even two for one (minus the value of the benefits received). If your employer offers a matching gift program, both you and Ohio State student-athletes benefit. A corporate matching gift works to upgrade your membership in the Buckeye Club, thus increasing your priority points and, at the same time, providing additional funding for our student-athletes – it’s a win-win situation!

For example, a gift of $1,500 is needed for a Scarlet and Gray Level membership in the Buckeye Club. But a one-to-one matching gift would bring your gift total to $2,599*, placing you at the Big Ten Champions Level, where you will receive the opportunity to purchase football season tickets, priority for away and postseason football games, and access to parking permits in either the Fawcett Center, Schottenstein Center, 12th and Cannon lot or North Medical Garage.

*$1,500 minus $401 (the value of benefits of the net gift) plus the original $1,500 gift.

If a matching gift will be utilized, the minimum donation amounts for members are as follows:

Scarlet and Gray Level $951
Big Ten Champions Level $1,478
National Champions Level $2,728
Scholar-Athlete Level $5,305

**Please note: If you have multiple Buckeye Club memberships, these amounts may differ. Contact our office if you have questions regarding the amount of your personal contribution.

Buckeye Club members who are interested in matching gifts should contact their human resources department and register their gifts prior to donation to Ohio State. All properly registered gifts and matching gift forms will then be processed and credited to Buckeye Club members.

Company participation in the matching gift program can be verified at:

If your Human Resources Department does not recognize the Buckeye Club as one of its preferred charities, please provide them with the Buckeye Club Matching Gifts form.